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Why the telephone is still your most valuable lead generation asset

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Posted by Phil Richardson

This week’s tip is quite possibly the most obvious one I will ever talk about, but as you will see later it’s an extremely common issue with lead generation. It is also the easiest to rectify, so there are no excuses.

I’m creating a new website at the moment for part of our business. I had a number of local companies visit to go through the spec and give me a price; all standard sales process really.

During this time I got an email from a well known local agency which got my attention. I went through to their website to look at their experience etc and all looked good. Within an hour I had a call from a telesales guy who was very good, listened to what I wanted and convinced me that not only could they deliver my requirements but I should include them in my shortlist.

Excellent I thought, a proactive dynamic company that understands lead generation, is professional and efficient; everything that I wanted in a supplier.

I arranged a date for a salesman to call and that’s the last I have heard from them. I’ve called and sent an email which wasn’t returned.

I find it absolutely unbelievable. They’ve done all the hard work – they went from a company not on my radar to a company I invited in to quote which from a single campaign is great, but then they vanish.

And that’s the thing with lead generation; you really can damage your brand if you do it badly. Or in this case if most of it is done well and just one bit is done badly.

You probably won’t be surprised, but in our most recent survey 85% of decision makers we interviewed said they had sales appointment arranged and the sales person didn’t turn up. I find that figure staggering. We’re in the middle of very uncertain economic times and companies are throwing money away and profits by not following through with their lead generation promises.

Make sure you’re not one of these companies, it really does annoy your prospects.

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