B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation is crucial to your sales efforts

B2B Lead Generation

What is B2B Lead Generation?

At Shortlist Marketing B2B lead generation is all about communicating to the right people, at the right time with the right message. Sounds simple but the issue is most companies don’t know the right people, they don’t know what to communicate or when.

In many ways B2B lead generation has changed incredibly over the last decade with the rise of digital and social media, the analytics available, the amount of marketing noise your prospects are bombarded by. But the fundamentals are exactly the same, understanding your target market and communicating with them effectively.

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Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

If you are looking for sales appointments in your target market then we have a team of experienced, trained and dedicated B2B telemarketing operatives who can do exactly this. They will be well trained in your company and product or service and be able to have relevant sales conversations with decision makers that will lead to sales appointments.

Your sales team are skilled at face to face sales and closing business, for many sales people lead generation over the telephone is a necessary evil and one they may not have the skills for. Your sales team will only sell when they are in front of prospects; you need professional skilled B2B telemarketing people to ensure you have opportunities. This is a core competency at Shortlist Marketing.

Pipeline Management

As an extension of the lead generation service we can manage your prospect database. It is essential that all prospects get contacted in the correct timely manner. By building a relationship with your contacts, Shortlist Marketing will ensure that you become involved when that prospect starts their project. Through managing your pipeline we can drip feed a regular supply of leads to your sales team, freeing them up to do what they are paid for, sitting in front of prospects selling to them.

Marketing Follow Up

Following up other marketing activity can be one of the best ways to ensure maximum success of both the original activity and the B2B telemarketing. Whether this is activity that you do yourselves or activity that we have done for you, Shortlist Marketing can ensure that you have telemarketing professionals that understand the marketing project, have been trained and are aware of the goals for the campaign.

Market Research

Market research is key for companies to understand the market they are operating in and to help them increase sales within that market place. It is also vital that before a company enters into new markets they understand them fully. By phoning prospects and customers within a clients market or proposed market we can get a lot of information very quickly for our client. Our experienced research team are able to undertake any market research product from penetrating new markets to gainer greater understanding of existing ones.

Database Building and Cleansing

Your database is vital to the success of any direct marketing that you do. We can cleanse and enhance your existing database to get email addresses etc. or we can create a completely tailored database of your exact requirements including the right decision makers to contact and all of their contact details.

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B2B Telemarketing is still the most effective lead generation tool that you can use. Let us show you how to maximise it.

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