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Posted by Hannah Cresswell

Why No One Reads Your Content.

There is a strange thing happening in marketing at the moment.

People are spending a lot of time and money creating a wide variety of content – because they have heard that is the right thing to do, (and it is) but 90% of that content never gets engaged with.

But still, they create….

It comes down to one simple reason.

The content most people put out there is simply of no interest or relevance to the people the creators are hoping to target.

We see it a lot – there is a complete disconnect between what really interests their target market and the style, tone and information contained within.

Financial advisers bang on about pensions and investments but no-one has ever woken up in the morning and said – “jeez I wish I had a pension”.  They might have said “I wish I could retire earlier” but no-one dreams of a pension – yes that is what most advisers are lead with.

Our experience shows this disconnect stems from 2 key issues:

  1. People don’t have a clear enough idea of their target market and what REALLY makes them tick
  2. Even those who have done the work to get clear on what is really important to their customer – then go on to ignore that hard found information in favour of generic information about what they do.

Ask yourself this – how much of your content is exactly about, for, and relevant to the challenges of the people you really want to catch the attention of – and how much is “generic” what about what you do?

The attention bit is important here.  If you are using your content to sell the likelihood is that it will go ignored and worst still, it’ll get “mentally blacklisted” as not useful in the eyes of your target.

Gone are the smash and grab days of sales content out on the social channels – you now MUST go for attention first, if you do that well – you’ll get engagement and if you handle that well – then and only then do you get a shot at getting into their budgets.

Every market is too crowded so the money only comes if you can actually speak to someone about the thing you sell – and you can only do that if you have earned their attention first.

They have to see you through the noise.

You have to think about – and do some proper research on, what is important to your target.   How they see the issue that you fix and what pressures are they are under that you can help with, how to make them look good in the eyes of those around them…and loads more.

Get clear on that – and then just go and answer those questions.  Not only will you get their attention you’ll get their respect and trust – and from there comes the cash.

For a bit more information to work out how to clarity your target market and then work out what content is right you might find these useful:

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