Our Services

We have put together a range of B2B lead generation services that ensure you grow your sales.

Our Services

From our directors to marketing staff and callers we have lived and breathed B2B lead generation for many years. Our services have been put together because we know what works and how to succeed in competitive market places.

The key for us and our services is integration and making small improvements in multiple areas to see significant improvements. Some of our clients use a single service integrated into their whole marketing activity, others utilise our full range of services to deliver their complete B2B lead generation campaign.

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B2B Telemarketing

We have an absolute focus on B2B telemarketing. Whether you are looking for qualified appointments, delegates to your events or your data enhancing. Click for more.

B2B Lead Generation

Long term, successful B2B lead generation is one of the most important elements to ensure you you meet and beat your sales and business targets. Click for more.

B2B Data Services

High quality B2B data can save you time, money and effort in your marketing and lead generation efforts. Let us tell you how good your data is. Click for more.

Sales Loss Analysis

Understanding the true reason for losing sales is vital to improving ongoing sales success, and yet many sales teams don’t ask the question. Do you? Click for more.

Inbound Follow Up

Astoundingly, over 30% of all sales enquiries aren’t followed up effectively. Ensure you never miss an opportunity again by letting us manage them. Click for more.

UK Representation

If you are overseas and looking at targeting the UK’s large market place we can help you test your proposition and get real sales opportunities. Click for more.

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You don’t learn everything from reading a website. So if you have any questions about Shortlist, our services, pricing, customers or how we can help you please ask us.  Our industry experts are ready to help.

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