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Posted by Phil Richardson

Right another moan.

For those that know me you probably won’t be surprised by me moaning and certainly not about this subject.

Why, when I make a web enquiry, do people wait 2 weeks to get back to me? If you can’t be bothered about me before I am a customer just how bad would your service be if I became a client. I certainly don’t want to find out.

We are looking for a new marketing apprentice, if anybody knows one please put them in touch. We had used a local college previously and I tried to get in touch with them. Our contact had left and they couldn’t put me through to the right person so they said to fill out the web form and the right department will get back to me.

This was done, then nothing.

I know there are lots of people like me, when I am researching a product/service it is in my mind then, I am trying to find a supplier and this has my focus for a short time. If I can turn that action into a purchase immediately then fantastic everybody is happy.

However, if I can’t get an immediate resolution or at least begin the purchasing process then it falls down my priority list. This means an immediate follow up from a web or telephone enquiry to keep you and your product/service in my mind.

Your marketing and website have done the hard part in getting the engagement so why would somebody screw it up by not being proactive.

Something goes wrong in the internal process, it’s either software, systems or staff and within any organisation it is somebody’s job to sort it out.

When I did get a phone-call this morning they were surprised that I didn’t want to use them and the only answer to why the delay was that they were busy. Yet another sales person that thinks lead generation is about them and their timescales. But that could open up a whole new moan from me.

Anyway, I’m off to the pub to mull over all that’s wrong with some sales people!

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