Sales Loss Analysis

Sales Loss Analysis

You’ve just been told from your sales person that a sale has gone to a competitor.  Your first question you ask is why? but are you really focused on improving your process from the answer or do you find that you go back to the tried and trusted sales approach.

For many Sales Directors who do ask this question the information has come from a post-decision conversation. Unfortunately, many informal post-decision conversations with former prospects don’t work. In fact, the full truth about why you lost a sale is only shared about 40 percent of the time. That means in 60 percent of all lost-sale situations, you never get a complete and accurate explanation; so how do you improve sales if you don’t know where you have gone wrong.

Our Sales Loss Analysis gives you and your sales team understanding on;

How to improve the effectiveness of the sales team
What areas the sales person could have improved upon
Were there any unmet client requirements
How did you compare to your competition
Feedback on your lead generation process

The sales loss analysis is a vital tool in continued communication with your prospects. In fact for some of our clients we have found that the sale never went ahead and the project is starting again

Companies that do loss analysis outperform those that don’t in most metrics according to Aberdeen Group — customer retention rate (60% vs. 48%), sales staff hitting target (51% vs. 47%), and lead conversion rate (23% vs. 17%), are just a few areas.

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