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Inbound marketing simply isn’t possible without relevant and engaging content. Yet content creation it’s rarely given the time and dedication that it needs – mainly because companies are busy running the day-to-day business and don’t have time to sit down and think about content, let alone actually create it. Sound familiar? 

Why not let us handle this item on your to-do list? As inbound marketing specialists, we spend time with your team, getting to know your audience and what makes them tick. We look at your tone of voice, so we can inject your personality into written content and make you stand out from the crowd.

Be it blogs, social media posts, landing pages, ads or any other form of content, we have the time and skills to get your message across in the right way.

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“Shortlist Marketing have worked with us on our data, marketing messages and understanding of our target market. They have also set up sales appointments with real prospects."

Vivek Maladkar

Business Unit Director


Communicate seamlessly with your target audience

Communicate seamlessly with your target audience

Keep prospects moving along the sales process

Keep prospects moving along the sales process

Rise above your competition with content that converts

Rise above your competition with content that converts

Content Creation

Quality content creates long-term

Think about one of your favourite companies. Why do you like them? Their products, yes. But it’s almost certainly their communications too. The right content placed at the right time not only takes prospects through the sales funnel and ultimately leads to conversion, but it also makes them fans – people who not only return to buy more, but also go and spread the word.

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Frequently asked questions

Questions that we have answers to

What content can you create?

Whatever you need to achieve your marketing goals. We create all kinds of content, including blog articles and white papers; scripts for high-quality videos and audio recordings; and web content, such as landing pages for data capture or that killer sales page for your next launch.

How will this content be used?

This entirely depends on your content plan and marketing objectives. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here. Each piece of the content we create for you will be designed to play its part in helping you to reach your goals. But, if we feel it could achieve something else, we can repurpose it to get maximum use out of it.

What topics should content focus on?

This is a really common question. The content we create should be targeted at your customer, their needs and how to meet them. The topics should be as unique to your business as your ideal customer is. If your current content isn’t picking up any traction, it’s probably because you aren’t writing about the things that your customers want to read about. But don’t worry, we can help turn this around.

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