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Why the telephone is still your most valuable lead generation asset

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Qurius - Microsoft Dynamics AX partner increases sales through Shortlist Marketing.

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Martin Engineering targets quarries and manufacturing plants to grow sales.

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Shortlist Marketing put iCIMS HR & Recruitment software to the top of the UK market.

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Qube Global

UK's leading property & facilities management software author, Qube Global, grows with Shortlist.

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Outsourced engineering design company BWIR develop success with Shortlist Marketing.

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Fully integrated data and B2B appointment setting for CommonTime enterprise Apps

lead-generation   -   telemarketing   -   database-service

Kratzer Automation

Kratzer targets the UK's leading companies in B2B lead generation campaign for logistics software.

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Maginus - multi-channel ERP authors grow sales with Shortlist Marketing .

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