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Why the telephone is still your most valuable lead generation asset

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Posted by Phil Richardson

Do you remember the last time you walked into a shop and an assistant immediately walked up to you and tried to get you to try on clothes? Or you were walking down the street and somebody asked for money?

For most people, the feeling you get is slightly defensive and annoyed, which is certainly not conducive to a long or profitable relationship.

I had exactly the same from a telesales call yesterday. This is how the call went:

Me: Hi it’s Phil.

Him: Good afternoon Mr Richardson my name’s *** from *** and I’d like to book an appointment to come and see you to demonstrate how our data can improve your marketing results.

Me: I don’t buy data.

Him: What you don’t have any marketing data?

Me: Yes, I have lots of marketing data.

Him: Well I’d like to come and see you to show you how our data is better.

Me: No thanks.

Him: What, don’t you want to improve your sales?

Me: Goodbye.

I’m staggered that this approach is still being used today. Furthermore, I’m staggered that somebody is training this approach and that other managers are listening and guiding this chap in how best to go about telemarketing.

The one important detail to remember as a telemarketer is that everything has to be about the benefits you can bring your prospect. It isn’t about you or what you want. Your opening needs to be relevant to them – you need an offer that will benefit them. The last thing you want is the prospect thinking it’s all about you, and most importantly you don’t want them to feel defensive.

Generally, you should look at the following for opening up a conversation:

1. Identify yourself, your company and why you’re calling.

2. Ensure you come across as knowledgeable about the company you’re calling.

3. Hint at the value they may get from continuing to talk to you.

4. Add more possible value.

5. Move to the first questions to begin your interaction.

Remember – it’s about them not you. Don’t throw a bomb into the conversation in the first 5 seconds, build up to what you want after you’ve understood what the prospect wants.

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