Top 7 reasons why you should do sales loss analysis.

We are getting towards the sharp end of the football season with some teams doing well and other getting demoted, my own, Nottingham Forest are just managing to hang on in the Championship. But one thing is certain: every manager, player, owner and back room staff is involved in analysing their own performance as well as the competition. What could they have done better? What mistakes have they made? Where can they improve?.

The beauty of being in football is that all of the information is available and everybody has access to the information to help them improve. However with sales, this isn’t the case but it is still just as vital to understand what mistakes have been made, what you’ve done well and where you can improve to ensure you continue to grow.

So, have you ever thought about doing your own analysis but not really sure why you should? Well here’s the answer. In this blog, I’ll go through the top 7 reasons why your company should be doing it.

1.) Identifying training needs of sales staff

It allows you to see where your sales staff are under-performing so you can provide them with more training to better their technique and approach. As a result, your sales staff will become more suited to your sector and will therefore land more sales.

2.) Competitor analysis bench-marking

By doing sales loss analysis, you can compare your sales process to your competitors’ and fully understand why they were chosen over you.

3.) Re-igniting lost prospects

This is the best way to re-connect with any lost prospects as you can clearly see where they felt you didn’t quite meet their needs and whether the project has started again. For our clients we generally find that 20%-30% of ‘lost deals’ go back to market within 18 months.

4.) Look at individual sales people

Sales loss analysis allows you to look at the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team and their overall team performance. By analysing these, you can see where each sales person works the best and place them accordingly.

5.) Insight into sales process

You’ll be able to see how effective your sales process is and see if there are any weak links in your strategy. In addition to this, you can look at your competitors’ sales process and see why theirs works.

6.) See how effective your marketing is

Sales loss analysis allows you to see where your leads came from and which aspect of your marketing campaign caught their attention. If it shows that your marketing efforts haven’t been as successful as you’d hoped, you can adapt them to ensure you attract your target market.

7.) Enables you to see if you’re selling the right products/services to the right markets

Sounds daft, but the market that you’re targeting might not be right for your products/services. Additionally, your products/services might not be marketed in the right way for your audience to acknowledge that it’s something they need. Sales loss analysis allows you to fix any mistakes like these.

Sales loss analysis is crucial to keeping your business successful. If you’re still not convinced, at Shortlist we are currently offering you a free trial of our sales loss analysis service, get in touch to find out more.

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