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15th February 2021

The key benefits of outsourcing lead generation

The key benefits of outsourcing lead generation

Posted by Emily Malone

2020 and 2021 have taught businesses that we need to be exceptionally efficient, flexible, and responsive in times of extreme change. Outsourcing your lead generation to an external agency can benefit your business in lots of ways, but it can be especially handy right now.

Here are just a few key points to consider when you’re weighing up the options between in-house and external lead generation.

1. Gain insights from multiple talented subject matter experts

An internal salesperson may be exceptionally great at closing deals, but may not have the time to seek new opportunities or nurture leads. And that’s normal! Sometimes we forget that a person can’t always be one-size-fits-all — and even if they could stretch themselves across all the areas that successful lead generation demands, you may find yourself with a jack of all trades, master of none kind of situation.

With outsourced lead generation, you get the external perspectives and individual subject-matter expertise of an entire agency dedicated to generating leads, instead of one or two in-house individuals. Partnering up with an agency will take these important but time-consuming tasks away from your employees so they can concentrate on doing what they do best — closing deals.


2. Gain time to focus on your internal operations

Lead gen is the backbone of any business, and it takes dedicated strategizing and planning to get right. Leaving your lead generation in the hands of outsourced experts has a huge benefit to your internal operations.

Why? Because you won’t have to do any strategising, planning, hiring, training, nor will you have to spend valuable time managing your lead generation campaigns.

You’re buying from a business that already has tried and tested strategies in place, experience working within multiple markets, and subject matter experts on their team. This takes all that off your plate and gives you peace of mind while you concentrate on key internal operations.


3. Reduce risk through uncertain times

It helps to be agile right now. With outsourcing, you gain much more flexibility. Of course, a prime example of this is during the current pandemic.

Perhaps you’ve recently hired an internal lead gen team that you were hoping to nurture and expand but have now had to postpone that plan. Or maybe you’ve had to scale down your team. Outsourcing leaves room for change.

Should things shift rapidly, your outsourced team will be able to shift with them and find the best balance for your needs and budget. During this time, Shortlist has been able to help clients through extreme change by being flexible — ramping up lead generation activities when things are quieter, and scaling back or stopping activities when they’re not needed.


4. Access expert resources and tools

Highly successful lead generation companies will have access to the tools and resources you might have had your eye on for a while. For example, Shortlist is a partner of HubSpot, meaning we can take advantage of all of HubSpot’s industry-leading sales and marketing tools for our customers’ campaigns.

Plus, lead gen teams will be professionally trained and qualified in multiple tools and resources, meaning you won’t need to spend money and energy on training existing employees or recruiting new employees to conduct your lead gen activities.


5. Get a greater return on investment

As lead generation becomes less about cold calling and more about using activities like website chat boxes, email and social media to warm-up leads before calling, costs can become very high.  Especially when you try to bring in all of those people into your internal team.With a lead generation agency, you’ve gained the skills of a whole team of people, instead of buying in just one person.


6. Other hidden cost benefits

With the return on investment, you’re also going to be saving on management time, hiring, sickness, pensions and everything else that comes with taking on an in-house team member or two. But it’s not just about the people costs! Outsourced companies will already have their own CRM system, phone system, computers, laptops, infrastructure, office space, and more.


7. Test different routes to market

Perhaps you want to test out a new market or channel but don’t want to risk any in-house time on that right now. Outsourcing allows you to use the agency’s expertise to confidently test multiple different lead gen models on top of any other internal activities you’re doing.


8. Increase your speed to market

This also means outsourcing allows you to get to market much faster than in-house. Instead of recruiting, training, and planning new product marketing activities, outsourced lead generation companies already have the people and the skills to start right away.


9. Take the hassle away

The major benefit to you? You’ll generate high quality leads for your business, without all the fuss.

So, how does outsourcing lead generation work?

If you’ve made it this far, you’re likely interested in how your business might go about teaming up with a lead generation agency. And really, it’s very straightforward.


First of all, we’ll get in touch to arrange a discovery meeting. This is where we’ll ask you what you’re trying to achieve, who you’d like to be targeting, what you’ve tried in the past, and any other relevant information to help us build your campaign.

We’ll also ask you about what data you have and if you require new data to be built for you for an additional fee.

We’ll then go away and have a look at any existing lead generation you’ve done, along with any assets you have. Then, using this information and your budget, we’ll create and send you a proposal campaign for you to sign off!


After your approval, we’ll introduce you to your account manager and run through the onboarding process, starting with introductions, moving through to the proposal recap, and ending on the onboarding guide and next steps.

We’ll then run through campaign kick-off slides and start to populate the campaign briefing document. Once this is completed, we’ll build your campaign launch timeline, set key dates for preparation work to be done and assign you your project team including account manager, sales reps, and a copywriter.

During this time we’ll also arrange a training session with your dedicated project team to introduce you and get them up to speed with your product or service! Due to their experience and expertise, this should only take a couple of hours. They’ll then gather all the information needed in order to create our call plan, opportunity form and FAQ document.

Campaign kickoff

Before we go live, we schedule a demonstration of the HubSpot system for you, so you can have full visibility of all the contact and account-level activities from prospect to lead, and lead to an appointment. We’ll also arrange a quick final meeting with you before we go-live to ensure we have everything we need in place and answer any last-minute questions.

After we go-live, we’ll then have regular weekly or bi-weekly catch-up meetings with you to report back on our activity, share information, keep updated on what’s working, and discuss ideas for improvement.

What happens with your leads?

When we win an appointment for you, we’ll send over an opportunity form to your team. This details all the information we’ve gathered while qualifying your lead, based on what you consider to be a qualified lead. With this opportunity form, your sales team will be on the exact same page as ours and the handover will be seamless. Here is an example of what that opportunity form will include:

Example Opportunity Form – ERP


For an efficient, agile and fuss-free lead generation project that produces exceptional ROI, outsourcing to an external lead generation company like Shortlist may be your best bet — especially if you’re looking for something flexible, fast-paced, and with guaranteed results.

However, it’s worth doing your homework before selecting your lead generation partner. Check out their testimonials, case studies, blogs and whitepapers, and get in touch to ask them any queries you have. It also may be worth asking whether they use their own CRM like HubSpot or can work with one that your business already has in place.

If you’d like to learn more about Shortlist’s lead generation services, you can download our pricing guide, which includes example pricing of some typical projects we do for our clients.

How much does outsourcing lead generation cost?


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