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Why the telephone is still your most valuable lead generation asset

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Posted by Phil Richardson

There is no escaping it, as individuals and companies we are in unprecedented times at the moment. However as businesses we have no option other than to trade through these times, identify where new sales may come from and ensure we are in a good position for when things get back to normal. Whatever the new normal looks like. A key element of this is ensuring that you have the B2B data that your sales campaigns deserve.

I have written many times about how important your marketing database is, how it helps you control your narrative to your target market, generate sales and pipeline future opportunities.

It is more important now than at pretty much any time I can remember.  If you have a great database you can;

1.Identify those companies that are still investing

Pretty much every company has seen elements of their target market struggle, retract and cut expenditure. At the same time there are markets who are thriving, developing and investing. Does your database allow you to identify the letter.

By having a comprehensive database of industry, size, geography, target market etc. you can use your knowledge to understand which segments may still be in buying mode and develop specific campaigns to engage them directly.

2.Target new markets

As above, you may have seen your traditional markets erode over the last few weeks. By identifying new markets for your products and services you could re-ignite you sales and ensue that not only can you get though the current situation but be in a strong position once we come out on the other side.

Direct marketing is one of the quickest ways into a new market, you are communicating directly with the people who will buy your products and services. As long as you understand the new markets, the problems and issues they may be facing at the moment and your messaging resonates and engages them this new data could be a great source of new leads.

3.Target your prospects when they are working from home

The chances are that your decision makers are still working, they may just be working from home. Your database still allows you to contact decision makers through email and telemarketing.

As a business we are having great success talking to decision makers, a lot of the data to day activity has slowed down and we have found they have a lot more time available to chat, give information and answer questions. This is a great time to be building the important pipeline as well as finding new leads.

Depending on the size of your database you can also integrate your data with online lead generation tools like Google, LinkedIn and Lead Forensics. This can drastically cut down digital spend as well as improving the effectiveness of these tools.

4.Get ready for the new normal

It won’t be long before we get back to normal, or certainly a new normal where we aren’t on lock down. Nobody knows what effect this period will have on our economy or viability of all companies. The only thing that is certain is that as businesses we will all need to go out out generate more sales.

Now is a great time to ensure that you have the database to generate engagements and sales moving forward. How clean is your current database, are there missing companies, contacts, emails and telephone numbers, are there new markets, industries or size of companies that you want to target.

By putting the effort in now you can have the database that your sales campaigns deserve.

We are currently offering a completely free Database Audit, that lets you know whether you have the B2B data that your sales campaigns deserve. Please click here for more information. Let us tell you how good your data is and how you can improve it.

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