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Account-Based Marketing Brochure

If you're looking to win business in a specific number of high-value organisations, then our ABM approach is the one for you!


MQL-Conversion Brochure

Over 30% of Marketing Leads are never followed up by sales. That's a lot of business your organisation could be missing out on. Our brochure shows you how Shortlist can bridge the gap between your Marketing & Sales teams


Win-Loss Analysis Brochure

In all aspects of Sales, understanding why you win or lose sales deals is crucial to
improving your team's performance. Shortlist's Win-loss analysis can provide valuable insights into what's working and what's not, putting you in position to close more deals in the future!


Data Building Brochure

Your database is an integral part of your sales and marketing strategy that puts you in control of your performance. At Shortlist Marketing, we understand data. And, crucially, we understand how it impacts the success of your department.

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