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    Why the telephone is still your most valuable lead generation asset

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      Marketing is pointless without leads – and leads are pointless if they aren’t converted into revenue. A well-crafted inbound marketing plan and engaging content capture your prospects’ attention – but how do you capture their details so you can start building relationships and progress them along the sales funnel? At Shortlist Marketing, we use a variety of methods: 

      Online chat – a relatively new addition to inbound marketing, more and more websites now have a chat function. Used well, it can build relationships and be a springboard to more meaningful communication, which can greatly improve sales chances.

      Landing pages – a landing page can make or break your campaign. We work hard at directing your audience to it via social media, ads and emails. But, when it comes down to it, it’s a well-crafted landing page that will convince visitors to take the next step and click on that all-important call to action (CTA) that leads to a sale. 

      CTAs – a call to action is the final prod your prospects need to take the next step. They need to be well thought out, clear, relevant to the audience, and, above all, attention-grabbing. While they are crucial at all stages of the sales funnel, the CTA button on your landing page is the one-click you absolutely need in order to turn a prospect into a customer. 

      Visitor identification – you can have the best content, great landing pages, intuitive forms and offers, but some visitors just won’t engage. We track and identify these visitors and how they have interacted with your website, then tailor specific marketing campaigns just for them.

      “Shortlist understood all aspects of our applications. They generated many qualified leads for us because of this and their experience.”

      Chris Ryan

      Sales Director


      Optimise the conversion of each inbound marketing aspect

      Gather all your marketing data together to maximise on sales

      Build tailored campaigns with quality leads based on accurate data

      Inbound Lead Generation

      It's about quality, not quantity

      Lead Generation Vs Lead Nurturing: What's the Difference? - Man looking at wall covered in ideas and notes.

      Lead generation is not about the number of leads, but the quality of them. There’s no point having hundreds of leads if they don’t lead to sales. At Shortlist Marketing, we concentrate on finding high-quality leads that turn into loyal and returning customers – this is where the real value lies.

      Lead Generation Vs Lead Nurturing: What's the Difference? - Man looking at wall covered in ideas and notes.

      Frequently asked questions

      Questions that we have answers to

      How will this fit with my outbound strategy?

      There are two main ways you can integrate inbound lead generation and your
      outbound strategy. You can use the leads to form the springboard for your
      outbound strategy by collecting the data of interested parties through, for
      example, a lead magnet, before following up with your outbound implementation.
      Or, you can use your outbound initiatives to make that first connection, and then
      use your inbound lead generation strategy to nurture them through your sales

      How can you generate quality leads?

      We’re firm believers in quality over quantity when it comes to lead generation
      here at Shortlist Marketing. Before we pass any leads over to you, all of them go
      through a qualification process to identify if they are a potential prospect or
      future customer. We will agree on this process before the campaign begins, so
      you can be confident that all of the work we do for you is worthwhile. We’re
      happy for you to tell us what you would like the qualifiers to be, or we can use our
      extensive experience to do this for you.

      How can you ensure ROI?

      By putting each lead through our qualification process, we’re able to ensure that
      only the most promising prospects are pursued. We’ve developed our meticulous
      – and proven – methodology for identifying those who are most likely to turn into
      future clients, so you can be confident in every penny you spend with us.

      How can you help convert these leads?

      Our tried and tested strategies, along with our experience, help ensure that we identify certain characteristics in each individual. Consequently, we can provide them with a personalised journey to ensure they move along the sales pipeline and get closer to becoming a customer.