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    Why the telephone is still your most valuable lead generation asset

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      Isn’t it great when you get an inbound lead? Someone who is already primed to buy from you? Yet our research found that 35% of all inbound enquiries – whether they are telephone, email or web – never get followed up. It seems ridiculous, doesn’t it?

      Let us help you make sure you take full advantage of all inbound sales opportunities with our Inbound Marketing Follow-up service. We guarantee to respond to all enquiries received during office hours within 15 minutes. Each day, we’ll send you a report outlining the outcome of each follow-up and where they are in your sales funnel.

      Every inbound lead will be followed up within 15 minutes during business hours

      Make the best impression with your clients from the first contact

      Each lead is followed up by experienced, highly trained sales professionals

      Inbound Marketing follow-up

      Maximise your sales from inbound leads

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      By managing your inbound leads in this way, not only will you reduce the number of leads you lose, you’ll also ease the pressure on your sales team. Instead of dealing with every enquiry that comes through, they’ll be able to focus on the prospects that are most likely to convert.

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      How do you follow up the leads?

      All of your inbound enquiries – including calls, emails, and website form submissions – are directed to our highly trained and experienced sales teams. They are guaranteed to respond to the prospect within 15 minutes within office hours. They will then qualify the lead before passing it to the appropriate stage of your sales pipeline.

      How do you train your staff?

      Our staff are all highly trained and experienced salespeople, but it’s important to us that you also mould them to suit your needs. A member of your organisation will get the chance to teach the team about your business, branding, messaging, and so on, as well as what, for you, qualifies a lead as a sales opportunity. When outsourcing this aspect of your sales funnel, it should still feel seamless for the customer.

      What is a typical caller profile?

      The Shortlist Marketing staff that make the calls are what set us apart. Our B2B telemarketing service is carried out by callers who have been with us for a number of years and are skilled and experienced at having conversations with senior decision-makers across a wide variety of industries. We don’t employ people who see telemarketing as a stepping stone to something else. Our callers have worked in sales or commerce throughout their careers and are dedicated to the industry. There are no scripts and it is never a case of ‘smiling and dialling’ our way through a long list of ill-chosen contacts.

      How many leads will we get?

      This entirely depends on how many leads you get as a business – and the quality of them. Our role with this service is purely a reactive one to the leads that you get. We will make sure you don’t miss out on any of them though, and help you maximise on conversions by qualifying them before putting them through to someone in your organisation.

      How quickly will you follow up leads?

      We guarantee that, within office hours, all inbound leads will be followed up within 15 minutes of being received. And it’s often a lot quicker than that, with phone calls normally being returned immediately.

      Which leads will you follow up?

      We’ll follow up anything that you pass through to us. It doesn’t matter whether the customer enquired through a phone call, email, your online chat, an online form, or they downloaded specific content from your website.