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Automation is powerful and integrates all your marketing tools. It establishes what actions a prospect has already taken and what actions need to follow, and then puts each prospect on a personalised journey that moves them down the sales pipeline at their own pace and according to their own buying process. The goal? Whatever the length and path their journey takes the aim is that each prospect arrives at the same endpoint – a sale. 

Setting up and implementing effective marketing automation takes time, skill and a lot of initial overseeing to ensure it’s optimised to suit each of your buyer personas. By working with Shortlist Marketing, you’ll not only save time in the set-up period but also the time you used to spend on managing a manual marketing pipeline.

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“The main reason why we chose to work with Shortlist was their experience. We were assured that their team were all well experienced and that with an understanding of our business they were more than capable of planning and implementing a quality campaign.”

Karen Parisi

Head of External Marketing


Send you prospects on a personalised journey that ends in a sale

Send you prospects on a personalised journey that ends in a sale

Find the right balance of automation and human interaction

Find the right balance of automation and human interaction

Place the right content, in front of the right people, at the right time

Place the right content, in front of the right people, at the right time

Marketing Automation

Let us help you avoid the pitfalls

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There are pitfalls that you need to avoid with marketing automation – the most common one being that companies often try to automate the entire sales funnel, which can result in the journey being cut short rather than ending in a sale. At Shortlist Marketing, our team understands that the key is placing the right content, in front of the right people, at the right time – and knowing when human interaction is needed.

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Frequently asked questions

Questions that we have answers to

What are the benefits of marketing automation?

Imagine having people being nurtured through your sales funnel while you concentrate on other activities (or even take some annual leave!). Or, being able to run a split test campaign without a load of additional work and time being spent on it. These are the kinds of benefits that marketing automation offers. Free up your time, and achieve more in the process. Plus, you can easily track and monitor each individual through their sales journey.

How does it help me convert prospects into customers?

Marketing automation helps you to take personalised marketing to the next level. As soon as the lead is logged in the automation system, you’ll start to build a wealth of information about that individual. This enables you to send them the content that will be of most interest to them, at the optimum point in their buying journey.

What is good and what is bad marketing automation?

At the end of the day, no one enjoys feeling like they’re dealing with a robot. It’s frustrating, it’s impersonal and it feels like the company doesn’t value you as a customer. If your customers feel like this, it’s bad automation.

Sending generic information to everyone on your list, or not gauging where an individual is in the funnel and adjusting the next step for them accordingly, results in bad and ineffective marketing automation.

Sales funnels that still require unnecessary manual input or don’t provide insights into your lead’s behaviours are inefficient uses of marketing automation.

The aim is to give your customers a personalised experience that helps them to resolve their problem, to reduce the workload on you and your team, to provide you with insightful data, and to harness the power of the technology available. And, what this looks like will vary by organisation. We’ll work with you to ensure you get the right combination of marketing automation for your unique business.

Am I too small for marketing automation?

Definitely not. The benefits are applicable to businesses of any size. Plus, the time-saving aspects can be even more important for smaller teams where capacity is scarce.

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