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Effective B2B telemarketing isn’t just about closing every conversation today, but building up a solid pipeline through practical questioning and intelligent sales conversations. This approach not only uncovers immediate opportunities, but will ensure you have a healthy pipeline with a steady stream of high-quality sales opportunities.

You’re trusting us to represent your brand, so it’s not only imperative that we put great, experienced callers on your campaign, but that we also invest both the time and effort in training our staff on your products/services, company and markets.

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Make your sales process personal and targeted

Make your sales process personal and targeted

Immediately assess the level of interest

Immediately assess the level of interest

Interactive 1-2-1 conversations create measurable results – fast

Interactive 1-2-1 conversations create measurable results – fast


Let’s get to know each other


When you put your trust in us to represent your brand for a telemarketing campaign, we see ourselves as an extension of your team. Therefore, a vital part of our process is investing time and effort in training our staff on your products and services, as well as getting to know your company, industry and relevant target markets.

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Frequently asked questions

Questions that we have answers to

Does B2B telemarketing still work?

Yes, it’s still one of the most effective forms of B2B lead generation – if it’s done well. At Shortlist Marketing, we don’t think telemarketing should be a standalone solution. It should be one part of a fully integrated lead generation and marketing campaign, and the purpose of the call should be to build relationships but never purely to sell.

At Shortlist Marketing, we provide a professional service, where highly experienced staff carry out intelligent, well-thought-out conversations that are approached from the recipient’s perspective, considering their needs.

What is a typical caller profile?

The Shortlist Marketing staff that make the calls are what set us apart. Our B2B telemarketing service is carried out by callers who have been with us for a number of years and are skilled and experienced at having conversations with senior decision-makers across a wide variety of industries.

We don’t employ people who see telemarketing as a stepping stone to something else. Our callers have worked in sales or commerce throughout their careers and are dedicated to the industry. There are no scripts and it is never a case of ‘smiling and dialling’ our way through a long list of ill-chosen contacts.

Why would we use telemarketing?

There are many reasons to have high-quality conversations with prospective clients, such as lead generation, appointment setting, event attendee generation and market research. It’s also a great way to convert digital engagement into sales opportunities. For example, if someone in your target audience engages with your lead magnet piece, a call to progress the customer journey would be well-placed.

Do you have a call centre?

No. We use a small number of experienced callers that have wide experience in having intelligent, focused conversations with decision-makers in a wide variety of industries. Our staff are not only skilled in the conversations themselves but have deeper knowledge to maximise on the success of the call, such as knowing the best time of day to call different people.

There are no scripts and no long lists to work through in the fastest time possible. It’s all about having high-quality conversations with the right people.

Can you integrate calling into our marketing activity?

Absolutely. The key point to B2B telemarketing is that it should never be a standalone solution, but an integrated part of a marketing campaign. If you have your own digital and marketing team who have prepared that campaign, Shortlist Marketing is more than happy to carry out the telemarketing phase of it.

Do you charge per lead?

No. A pay-per-lead approach encourages low-quality leads being passed over too early in the pipeline to your in-house sales team. At Shortlist Marketing, we focus on quality calls made by highly experienced staff who nurture relationships to the correct point before deeming them to be a quality lead.

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