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      At Shortlist Marketing, we understand the challenges, risks and financial obligations of expanding into a new country. That’s why we work with companies to help them test the UK market before committing fully to the expansion.

      We can help you gain a full understanding of your target market here in the UK, as well as the competitors you will be vying against. Once you have defined your expansion plan, we can help you trial it by promoting your brand and sourcing warm leads for you. And all of this can happen before you commit to setting up an office base here.

      Trial moving into the UK market without investing in a physical presence

      Have an experienced UK sales and marketing team at your disposal

      Test the water with lead generation to establish brand authority before the official UK launch

      UK Representation

      Launch in the UK with less cost and risk

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      We’ve helped a large number of companies cost-effectively test the market and generate their first sales in advance of setting up a permanent UK presence. You can read the Success Story of one them, iCIMS, here. They are now one of the leading applicant tracking software companies in the country.

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      What services do you provide?

      We can provide a full sales and marketing package, including everything a business needs to penetrate a new territory, including translation services, market research, lead generation and content creation. Take a look at the services section of our website or get in touch to discuss your needs.

      How would we train your staff?

      However suits you really. Skype, telephone, face-to-face, and, in some situations, we can even come to you! We have access to some great translation services too, so you don’t need to worry about any potential language barriers. Our staff are all highly trained and experienced salespeople, but it’s important to us that you also mould them to suit your needs. A member of your organisation will get the chance to teach the team about your business, branding, messaging, and so on, as well as what, for you, qualifies a lead as a sales opportunity. We want your clients to have a seamless experience between your organisation and ours.

      How do you generate leads?

      The exact way we generate leads is different for every company we work with, but it always starts with our researchers gaining an in-depth understanding of your business and the market you operate in. Once we’ve done this, we’ll know which solutions are the best approach, and use them to set up an integrated marketing campaign to engage your target market. As a part of this, we’ll also create systems for managing your prospects until they are ripe and ready for your sales team.

      Can you sell for us?

      Depending on what products and services you sell, we have the experience to take your sales campaign through negotiations and all the way to contract signing. Get in touch to see if this is something we could do for you.

      What countries have you had clients from?

      So far, we have helped businesses from all over Europe, India, America, Canada, South America and the Nordic countries branch out into the UK. Regardless of location, our service is available to any organisation that sees the benefits of targeting the UK market.