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      The brief

      Parksafe Automotive has been one of the leading Commercial vehicle suppliers to the Automotive industry over the past 30 years. Now, they want more targeted data services to obtain larger contract sizes, with the goal of selling more and increasing their profitability.

      One of the key drivers for Parksafe’s new business sales was the FORS accreditation scheme for safer fleet operations. Since Parksafe provides equipment for achieving different levels of FORS accreditation, they saw this as a key player in reaching their goals.

      Case study on data services for Parksafe Automotive

      Previously, Parksafe had repeatedly tried to develop a reliable lead generation model via their own internal sales and marketing teams, as well as outsourced marketing and lead generation agencies.

      However, one core barrier that they always came across was finding a reliable data source and the relevant information they needed to target their market efficiently.

      Most of the data they traditionally sourced was by industry and size but lacked what they truly needed — fleet size and FORS accreditation. This meant that Parksafe were wasting valuable time, effort, and resource trying to sell to companies that would never be able to buy from them.

      Case study on data services for Parksafe Automotive - lorries

      Services utilised in this campaign

      • Lead Generation
      • Telemarketing
      • Database Service

      Our solution

      Parksafe decided to try the market again in search of a new outsourced lead generation partner, and that’s when they found Shortlist.

      They found that our team of lead generation experts truly understand data and have a bespoke way of building databases. This helped Parksafe’s Managing Director, Mick, feel confident we could provide what they needed from the get-go:

      “Right from the start, I was impressed with Shortlist. The knowledge they have on how to successfully generate leads is great, as is the way they work in partnership with our own sales and marketing teams.”

      The first stage of the project involved building a comprehensive database of exactly the right companies and decision-makers that Parksafe wanted to target. This level of information was incredibly valuable, and the success of our campaigns depended on it.

      We achieved this through our hands-on approach of both desk-based and telephone research — resulting in a database containing not only the fleet size they needed but also the level of FORS accreditation.

      As a result, Shortlist has been able to be highly targeted and create campaigns that genuinely resonate with Parksafe’s individual segments. And after 3 years of partnership (and still going!), Shortlist is the longest-running lead generation partner that Parksafe has worked with. This is a testament to the hundreds of thousands of pounds of new business orders that have come from the leads we’ve generated.

      We’re still using and enhancing the data we built for Parksafe today. After all, high-quality data is the foundation of any successful campaign. Hannah Cresswell, Shortlist’s Head of Operations echoes this:

      “The data we built was a key element that helped the campaign be so successful. Having the key information allowed us to be targeted and specific with our messaging — whether through email, social media or the telephone.  We love working with Parksafe and seeing our leads help the continued growth of their business has been really great to see over the years.” 

      Right from the start, I was impressed with Shortlist. The knowledge they have on how to successfully generate leads is great, as is the way they work in partnership with our own sales and marketing teams."

      Mick Barber

      Managing Director

      Parksafe Automotive

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