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      The brief

      Terra-Nova are a leading designer and manufacturer of outdoor clothing and equipment. Established in 1993, they have a worldwide reputation for high-quality products. Their Extremities range is well known amongst stockists and is popular with many outdoor enthusiasts.

      Preparation - tying a shoe

      On the back of the success of their expedition and outdoor clothing, Terra-Nova had developed a lifestyle brand. However, they couldn’t go to their regular suppliers with this and needed to target more lifestyle brands. They didn’t know who to target, who the stockists would be, so they had no previous relationship with them.


      As it is for many companies, starting from scratch with a new product in a new market place proved difficult.


      Services utilised in this campaign

      • Lead Generation
      • Telemarketing
      • Database Service

      Our solution

      Terra-Nova looked for a partner that could not only rebuild their database, but also generate qualified sales leads for specific markets. Shortlist Marketing, a Nottingham based B2B lead generation specialist that also offered data services, had made themselves known on social media, which attracted the attention of Terra-Nova.

      After many meetings and discussions, the Terra-Nova team decided to outsource their lead generation and data to Shortlist. This was mainly because of their experience generating high quality leads.

      Shortlist built a bespoke database around the specific market sectors that Terra-Nova wanted to target. Once the database had been built, Shortlist’s team began contacting the new stockists and generating sales through an integrated email and calling campaign.

      They also did competitive analysis wherein they looked at leading manufactures of competitive products and who their stockists were. Through dovetailing high-quality telemarketing and strategic email marketing, Terra-Nova saw an increase in overall engagement. Their appointments converted into immediate sales and the pipeline management has enabled them to establish relationships with stockists for future seasons.

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