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The brief

Established in 2000, the US based company iCIMS have been providing applicant tracking software (ATS) to worldwide companies such as Canon, Sony Music and Next. With over 500 employees worldwide, they have an excellent reputation of providing recruitment software and support in North America.


The biggest challenge that iCIMS faced was the lack of market presence in the UK. iCIMS had a very small team based in England that were relying solely on the reputation and marketing from the US to help them generate leads, but sales were slow to come in.

iCIMS were hesitant to outsource to a UK company after already trying two companies and receiving poor results. This was to be their last attempt at penetrating the UK market using an external source.

Making the final decision to work with an external company to see if it was worth investing heavily in the UK, iCIMS did some lengthy research around telemarketing agencies and then limited their choices down to three lead generation companies, one of which was Shortlist Marketing.


Services utilised in this campaign

  • Lead Generation
  • Telemarketing
  • Database Service
  • Sales Loss Analysis
  • UK Representation

Our solution

iCIMS chose Shortlist for a trial period to see how they could work with them to generate leads.

Shortlist provided a number of services for iCIMS – lead generation, telemarketing, data building and cleansing, email marketing, competitive analysis and customer retention.

Since the main iCIMS team is based in America, they wanted to understand more about their competition in the UK market so Shortlist undertook a competitive analysis giving iCIMS a better idea of where they were in the market and how their main UK competitors promoted themselves.

On the back of this, their existing database was analysed to see where their biggest wins were. This allowed any future marketing to be tailored to specific people and organisations to ensure that the right message was getting to the right people. The original pipeline was completely re-built to include decision makers and key influencers and new data created around specific market sectors.

A strategic email marketing and lead generation plan was put in place to promote upcoming webinars and generate interest. This proved so successful that monthly dates and times were allocated for group webinars, one to one webinars and meetings.

As well as the lead generation campaign, the Shortlist team undertook client account management calls at contract renewal. This led to a significant increase in client retention and customer satisfaction with any issues being identified and resolved.

iCIMS have worked with Shortlist for six years. The ROI was achieved through consistency, true engagement and strategic planning. They are now fully recognised within the UK market and on the back of the work Shortlist have done they have been able to grow their sales team and set up a UK office.

“The main reason why we chose to work with Shortlist was their experience. We were assured that the calling staff were all well experienced and that with some brief product training would be more than capable of generating qualified leads for us.”

Karen Parisi

Head of External Marketing


UK's leading property & facilities management software author, Qube Global, grows with Shortlist.

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UK's leading property & facilities management software author, Qube Global, grows with Shortlist.

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