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The brief

In 2014 DivideBuy went live with their interest-free credit solution for online shops. Since then, they’ve sold to numerous organisations such as Just Paintball, Humanware and Plumb Play.

online shopping

They were looking to expand their sales team into a new vertical market and wanted any new team members that came on board to have a ready pipeline so they could hit the ground running into a new marker sector.

A new database was needed to be built that fit the exact criteria around the niche market.

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Services utilised in this campaign

  • Lead Generation
  • Telemarketing
  • Database Service

Our solution

DivideBuy decided to search for a lead generation company to partner with for an interim period. they were looking for a way of generating and quality and qualified sales leads that could be passed over to their sales team for demos of their service.

After researching the market, they chose Shortlist Marketing to provide their lead generation and build a bespoke database. Their decision to go with Shortlist was based on the expertise and the reputation of the Shortlist staff for building sales pipelines through to booked appointments.

Shortlist built a bespoke database based on key criteria given to them by DivideBuy. Not only did the contacts need to be in the right industry, be the right size etc., they also needed to be users of Magento, the platform that DivideBuy integrates with, and have an online shop.

DivideBuy invested in the integrated email and telemarketing service from Shortlist. Content was created for email campaigns specifically around Magento users and sent out on behalf of DivideBuy. This was combined with telemarketing that resulted in numerous demos being booked for their sales team and providing the new team members with visibility of both short term and long term pipeline to follow up.

A bespoke database, competitive analysis and lead generation aid sales growth for new Terra-Nova product line

Next up: Terra-Nova

A bespoke database, competitive analysis and lead generation aid sales growth for new Terra-Nova product line

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