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      The brief

      Maginus are multi-channel ERP and web developers. As both an author of their own software Maginus ERP and a Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner, they’ve sold to global companies such as Fox’s Biscuits, Cath Kidston and Smeg.

      After they started their Microsoft partnership selling Dynamics alongside their own software, Maginus decided they needed to generate more leads and uncover companies that had projects coming up to look at their ERP solution.

      Services utilised in this campaign

      • Lead Generation
      • Telemarketing
      • Database Service
      • Inbound Marketing

      Our solution

      In the search for a lead generation company that aligned with them, they found Shortlist Marketing, a B2B lead generation specialist with a pedigree of working with Microsoft Dynamics Partners and ERP authors.

      After meetings with the team and analysing the proposal, a trial period was arranged as Maginus decided that Shortlist’s experience and industry knowledge would dovetail with their company and enable them to grow a forecasted pipeline.

      Shortlist provided Maginus with a full data build for the whole UK multi-channel market. This would allow the callers to make accurate calls and generate qualified leads within the right sector to the right people.

      In addition to this, an integrated campaign plan was set up to work closely with their PR, design, content and web partners, combine telemarketing, lead generation, direct mail and email campaigns. The Shortlist team had monthly meetings with all marketing partners and Maginus to ensure all campaigns were fully integrated, that messaging and marketing material was consistent and quickly followed up.

      All this surpassed the expectations of Maginus and led to Shortlist being Maginus’ first consistent long-term outsourced partner following short term relationships with other lead generation providers.

      The first ever Microsoft integrated EPOS sale came from a lead handed over to Maginus by Shortlist.

      “Within the first seven months of engagement we had sold nearly £1 million of Microsoft Dynamics licenses and services – Shortlist Marketing certainly exceeded all of my expectations!”

      Russel Dorset

      Sales Director


      Next up: Providing the best quality data for Proagrica’s ABM campaigns

      Providing the best quality data for Proagrica's ABM campaigns