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      The brief

      With a high reputation for delivering quality products and services in the bulk material handling sector, Martin Engineering is one of the world’s leading suppliers of manufactured durable products to many happy customers across 19 countries.

      Martin Engineering wanted to grow their sales in the UK and were looking for a company that could work closely with their sales team to introduce new products and services and set up meetings. They also wanted a partner that understood their products, had experience selling into the engineering and bulk handling sector and understood the length of their sales cycle.

      Services utilised in this campaign

      • Lead Generation
      • Telemarketing
      • Database Service
      • Inbound Marketing

      Our solution

      The choice was narrowed down to two UK based companies including Nottingham’s leading B2B lead generation company Shortlist Marketing. After many discussions and meetings, a trial period was set up for Shortlist.

      Shortlist provided Martin with data cleansing and building, direct marketing, email campaigns and lead generation.

      To start with, Shortlist created a bespoke industry sector database filled with key decision makers and influencers. This then acted as the foundation for all future campaigns.

      Running a strategic integrated campaign of direct mail, emails and telemarketing created great results exceeding expectations, as Shortlist were able to communicate with many companies and book numerous appointments that Martin hadn’t been able to get in front of before.

      It was so successful and Martin had such confidence in the quality of the appointments, that Shortlist was given access to the field based sales team’s diaries to book appointments directly. Martin Engineering had complete visibility of the genuine short and long-term pipeline.

      “We chose Shortlist because they aligned with us, had experience in working with overseas HQs and were easily able to dovetail with our needs. They’re not your average sales team, mainly due to the amount of experience they’ve got and how they develop the leads.”

      Martin Engineering

      Sales Director

      Martin Engineering

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      Shortlist Marketing put iCIMS HR & Recruitment software to the top of the UK market.