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The brief

Established in 1914, Staffordshire University specialises in 6 different areas: Business, Leadership and Economics, Computing and Digital Technologies, Creative Arts and Engineering, Health and Social Care, Law, Policing and Forensics and Life Sciences and Education. With over 15,000 students, Staffordshire University is a top choice for students looking for guaranteed work experience.

Staffordshire University

The recruitment team at Staffordshire University wanted to improve relationships with schools and colleges and also promote their courses. They didn’t want to buy generic data as they felt this wouldn’t give them the right contacts to approach, so they needed an external source to help them build a specific contacts list. They wanted to get around 15-20 contacts in all local schools to ensure that they could get in touch with the heads of all departments and build relationships around key subjects.

Services utilised in this campaign

  • Database Service

Our solution

They began looking for a data specialist who could build them a database filled with the right contacts. Having spoken with a number of other companies, they were eventually recommended to speak to Shortlist Marketing who had experience in building data from scratch around a client’s needs and guaranteeing the quality of the data. After various phone calls and meetings to define the parameters, the team at Staffordshire University contracted Shortlist to build their database.

Shortlist built a bespoke database filled with heads of colleges and schools from around the UK who would be able to help educate their students on Staffordshire University’s courses. Due to the accuracy of the data, the marketing and recruitment team were able to better target and visit more schools and colleges to promote Staffordshire University. The outcome was a higher number of pupils attending the various open days and establishing the correct contacts in the schools and colleges which has enabled the University to build and maintain good relationships.

Shortlist take on comprehensive competitive analysis for Entier branch Wild Thyme

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Shortlist take on comprehensive competitive analysis for Entier branch Wild Thyme

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