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Why use us for marketing

We remember when lead generation campaigns consisted of direct mail, exhibitions, reply numbers in trade magazines and can even remember when fax-back forms were cutting edge!

Today’s successful B2B marketing professional needs to understand the impact of social, digital, email, telephone, SEO, PPC, video, content, data etc., etc. to generate quality leads. Although the number of marketing tools available has increased so has the noise that you need to get through to reach your buyer/influencer.

Our services

Benefit #1

The ability to offer a variety of services that operate as stand-alone services or integrated with your existing marketing plans


Benefit #2

Working with a company that understands the relationship between sales and marketing.


Benefit #3

Complete funnel management with true visibility of qualified leads.

B2B lead generation is communicating the right message to the right person at the right time and in the right way. Sounds simple but in reality, many companies don’t know the right people, they are unsure exactly what to communicate, when and how.

From a combined 40 years’ experience in marketing management, the team at Shortlist Marketing have put together a range of products and services to address all of these issues and ensure you get good quality leads and a great return from your marketing spend.

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Companies who use us

Used and trusted by some of the foremost businesses in the country


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