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SnapFulfil is a Tier 1 SaaS organisation that develops and delivers its own award-winning warehouse management software to a customer base across multiple industries, including; retail and e-commerce, third-party logistics (3PL), manufacturing, food & beverage and more.

Dedicating most of their time to winning new business and closing deals, the SnapFulfil sales team didn’t have the resources to nurture the high volume of leads being generated by the marketing department and sought support from outsourced experts.

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The solution

Seeking external support, SnapFulfil had begun searching for a new partner when Shortlist reached out to them, instantly putting themselves in the conversation.

Shortlist stood out to SnapFulfil because of its proven methodology, understanding of the industry and expert Sales Development Reps (SDRs), who had experience in nurturing and qualifying MQLs.

After the initial meetings and pre-campaign planning, it soon became clear to SnapFulfil that they had made the right decision when they learned more of Shortlist’s experience working with ERP and WMS systems. This established knowledge made it easy for Shortlist’s SDRs to quickly understand SnapFulfil’s brand, product and the industries they operated within.

After a few successful months, the initial campaign expanded from traditional Lead Generation and marketing conversion to encompass revenue identification within the existing database.

The decision to focus on aged leads, old form submissions and cold marketing leads came from SnapFulfil’s need to increase in-year revenue as they approached the end of the financial year. This addition to the campaign put Shortlist in a position to re-establish relationships with the database and win immediate business.

The success of the campaign continued on an upward trajectory after introducing Shortlist’s revenue identification service, with Shortlist’s SDRs now truly qualifying and nurturing all historic and new leads. With the resources now in place to build rapport with existing data, SnapFulfil’s sales pipeline started to fill with high-quality leads, all of which were well-qualified and sales-ready at the point of handover, bringing £837,000 of lost revenue back into SnapFulfil's sales pipeline

Bright Masih Head of UK Commercial valued the quality leads Shortlist were able to generate; “So far, Shortlist have generated a large volume of high-quality leads, all of which have been well-qualified, which helps us to reach our targets.”




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The Results

It’s hard to ignore the value Shortlist has added to SnapFulfil.

The close-knit collaboration helped Shortlist to generate over £3,750,000 worth of deals In the past two years working together.

Unlike other agencies, Shortlist know that communication and a unified team is key to success, which is why there is always frequent communication with each client. Daily meetings between SnapFulfil’s sales team and Shortlist’s SDRs made it easy for Shortlist to integrate with SnapFulfil’s team, working as one department rather than an outsourced resource.

With plans in place to extend the current contract, and with a relationship growing between Shortlist Marketing and SnapFulfil’s Global offices, there is a shared belief that this success will continue to grow for years to come.


The Problems  

The biggest issue SnapFulfil had was the inconsistencies within their sales pipeline. The SnapFulfil sales team didn’t have the resources to both nurture marketing leads at the top end and convert the opportunities at the bottom end of the sales cycle into customers. A common issue with sales teams.

SnapFulfil’s focus for the sales team often led to many marketing-qualified leads being missed as warmer leads were, understandably, being prioritised. SnapFulfil’s long sales cycle, meant extra resources were needed to qualify new marketing leads and manage them until they were truly ready to enter the final stages of the sales pipeline.

Having worked with outsourced agencies before, SnapFulfil were no stranger when it came to external support – however, they were never fully satisfied with the results.

Previous agencies supported SnapFulfil with the follow-up of MQLs - however, a lack of product knowledge, coupled with inaccurate lead qualification, often led to the end of the working partnerships.

Despite poor results from other agencies in the past, SnapFulfil knew they still needed the external support – but they needed one with; industry knowledge, expert sales experience, and the understanding of their HubSpot system.



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Already a HubSpot house, SnapFulfil wanted to work with an agency familiar with HubSpot CRM – a needle in a haystack in the B2B sales growth industry. As a HubSpot Partner, Shortlist were the ideal partner for SnapFulfil, with their existing knowledge of the system being a “stand-out feature” when SnapFulfil were deciding on an outsourced partner, according to Bright.

Like most CRM systems, HubSpot is excellent at centralising data and making processes more efficient, something Shortlist always took advantage of. Introducing tools such as active lists and sales templates allowed Shortlist to easily identify and outreach to ideal prospects.

Visibility over success was crucial to both the Sales and Marketing teams at SnapFulfil. Shortlist shared this vision and therefore leveraged the power of HubSpot’s reporting to provide clarity over the actions and success across the campaign.

Bright praised Shortlist on their visibility, which is often lacking when working with other agencies; “It’s the visibility into what's happening behind the scenes for me. A lot of outreach agencies are a bit of a blank box, it's not transparent, and that’s not an issue with Shortlist.”

Young design team having a meeting together in creative office

Katie McCauley, Senior Marketing Manager at SnapFulfil has been delighted with Shortlist Marketing;

“The Shortlist team has been an invaluable resource for us. They really are an extension of our own Commercial team. From a marketer’s perspective, I greatly appreciate that they can take the hard work we’re doing in Marketing and ensure all leads we’ve acquired are thoroughly qualified and ready to be closed by our Sales team.”

Head of Client Operations at Shortlist, Thea Steven’s is thrilled with the success we’ve achieved on the campaign so far;

We’ve achieved great success working with SnapFulfil over the last 2 years, largely due to the communication we have with them. We have similar beliefs, objectives and understandings which help us form the perfect partnership. I’m excited to see what we can achieve together in the future.”


Multiethnic group of young people sitting in conference room and brainstorming on business meeting

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