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The brief 

The East Midlands Chamber offer support to thousands of businesses within the East Midlands region. With a growing membership of more than 4,300 businesses, the Chamber is renowned across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and Leicestershire for enhancing businesses and communities.

Being unable to use their own marketing methods for an upcoming invite-only Roundtable, the Chamber turned to Shortlist Marketing hoping to build a healthy attendance for the event.


The East Midlands Chamber of Commerce first approached Shortlist Marketing hoping to achieve a healthy attendance at an upcoming Roundtable event. 


Aerial View of Young Business Friends Discussing the Project at the Worktable.


Our Solution 

With the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce only having two months until the Roundtable there was a key emphasis on quick turn-around time. Shortly after going live, our team had carried out training on the Chambers’ objectives & delivery and began engaging with prospects.

The campaign began at a turbulent time in the UK, with COVID restrictions causing the Roundtable to be postponed, but thanks to the flexibility of both parties, we were able to pause the campaign and resume when the national situation improved.

Our sales team worked tirelessly to reach and contact local business leaders, with the aim of getting them to register for the event. 


Services utilised in this campaign

  • Telemarketing

Their Problem

The East Midlands Chamber of Commerce approached Shortlist Marketing at the end of November 2021 looking for support on an upcoming telemarketing campaign. 

The focus of the campaign was to promote an upcoming Business Roundtable and register as many attendees as possible. 

In the past, the Chamber had carried out their own in-house marketing campaigns, but turned to Shortlist Marketing as the event was invitation only and therefore, wasn't compatible with their current marketing methods. 

The East Midlands Chamber chose Shortlist Marketing as they knew their telemarketing services would provide a better result.

One issue the Chamber was concerned about, was maintaining high in-person attendances, at a time when people favoured online and remote interactions.

With the Roundtable taking place in early February, the campaign would only be running for a couple of months - which meant registrations had to come thick and fast.


Group of business people using electronic devices at work


The Result

Despite the short timeframe, we were able to deliver on all expectations and provide a healthy attendance at the event, exceeding previous attendances.

We were able to efficiently get the campaign underway, which maximised the time we could spend contacting prospects over the duration of the campaign. Thanks to the performance of our sales team, we were able to increase overall attendance up to 25%.

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