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HubSpot has the ability to supercharge your sales and marketing activity, but some companies find they aren’t able to tap into the level of results that they expect. 

This is often due to the system not being set up or implemented properly, inadequate training or a lack of understanding about how HubSpot can be used to achieve your organisation’s objectives. Or indeed, a mixture of all of the above. 

Our HubSpot Audit service helps you overcome any of these barriers and maximise on the leads and revenue this powerful tool can bring to your organisation. 

Before conducting a full audit of your organisation’s use of HubSpot itself, we start by taking the time to understand your business objectives, sales goals and marketing KPIs, while also looking at a range of other factors, including:

  • Your target market
  • Inbound marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Reporting

This way, we can formulate a holistic view of your organisation’s activities, and focus our advice on helping you achieve the most from HubSpot, with your company’s success in mind.

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“Having worked with Shortlist for the last three years, they are an integral part of our team and the only long term partner that we’ve worked with."

Jim O’Connell

Sales Director


Improve the way you use HubSpot

Improve the way you use HubSpot

All recommendations made with your individual objectives in mind

All recommendations made with your individual objectives in mind

Maximise your ROI

Maximise your ROI


Maximise your ROI

At a time when many businesses are looking to tighten their belts, it’s important to make sure that every penny spent is spent wisely. If you’re not using HubSpot to its full potential, you could be wasting your budget and missing out on revenue. Our thorough HubSpot Audit will help you squeeze every drop of value out of your investment and get your business ready for success.

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Frequently asked questions

Questions that we have answers to

What exactly does the audit process look like?

The exact process will look different for each business, depending on a number of factors, including which parts of the software you are using, how long you have been using it, and so on. However, all of our audits start with us getting to know your business inside out.

Only once we have a clear understanding of what it is that makes your organisation tick, how you like to work, what you want to achieve, how much capacity your marketing team has and what metrics your stakeholders want to see, can we start the audit.
Working from the ground up, we’ll systematically review not only how you are currently using HubSpot, but also whether it’s set up properly and what else the software could do for you.

Who does the audit?

All of our HubSpot audits are carried out by our in-house experts. As a HubSpot-accredited agency, we receive training directly from HubSpot to ensure we can carry out projects like this to their meticulous standards.

Is there any commitment for ongoing work?

Not at all. We’re happy to do the audit and leave you to it. Though if you want to continue to work with us, our HubSpot implementation and HubSpot training services can really ensure you get every penny of ROI from HubSpot.

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