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The brief

Wild Thyme is one of the three divisions of foodservice providers Entier. They are a high-end catering provider for weddings and other events in Scotland.


After having just purchased another company, the team behind Wild Thyme wanted to assess their competition and themselves across specific areas, but more importantly look at the overall level of customer service within the industry sector.


Services utilised in this campaign

  • Telemarketing
  • Sales Loss Analysis

Our solution

They looked for a company that would be able to assess the competition and compile a report about how they operated, especially looking at their level of customer service. After searching for a company that could help, they were recommended to speak to Shortlist Marketing, a UK based company that has experience and knowledge about comprehensive competitive analysis.

Having discussed primary and secondary areas they wanted to look at, a plan was put in place to analysis all aspects of their main competitors. Everything was analysed from ranking, to website analysis, services offered, pricing structures, marketing material, first client engagement through to follow up, market expertise of client facing staff, industry knowledge, cross selling abilities/promotion and overall customer service from initial contact made by a potential client through to the aftercare of the client.

“It was a very interesting and worthwhile analysis. Not only did it give us honest feedback on our business to know where we’re getting it right and where we’re not, it shone a light on various aspects of the competition which will now enable us to put plans in place to remain ahead of the competition and continue to be seen as the leader in the field”.


Managing Director


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