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      The brief

      Prima have been developing ERP software since 1998 for the apparel industry specialising in the clothing, footwear and accessories industry with clients including Paul Smith, Henri Lloyd, Joules and Mulberry.

      Prima had had bad experience with outsourcing lead generation, so they’d relied on word of mouth and a great reputation in the market place. However, as a growing company needed to generate more sales opportunities to meet their growth goals.

      Services utilised in this campaign

      • Lead Generation
      • Telemarketing
      • Database Service
      • Sales Loss Analysis

      Our solution

      They began looking for a company that could provide the full package – data analysis and building and lead generation. They were aware of Shortlist Marketing from their own email marketing campaigns and knew that the Nottingham based B2B lead generation specialist also provided expert data analysis and data building.

      After narrowing it down to three market companies and having many discussions and meetings, the Prima team decided to partner with Shortlist and outsource their lead generation.

      The Shortlist team firstly cleansed their existing database then built a tailored database on top; this was filled with key decisions makers and influencers in their desired market sector. Using this data, they then went onto sell Prima’s ERP solution and book appointments through high-quality telemarketing and targeted email marketing, developing a solid pipeline of appointments for their sales team to close.

      In addition, they were asked to analyse Prima’s sales history to better understand why the sales hadn’t gone through; this helped the team at Prima understand the various elements of why a sale was lost, who they’d lost to which enabled them to improve their techniques where appropriate.

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