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      The brief

      m-hance are the largest Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in Europe. They provide Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, GP and CRM alongside their own industry solutions based on these Microsoft platforms.

      They had a number of events running for different industry sectors – finance, charities and construction. They needed help generating attendance for the seminars. At the same time they wanted to run a parallel event in Ireland to increase awareness with a view to gaining more traction in the Irish market.

      Services utilised in this campaign

      • Lead Generation
      • Telemarketing
      • Database Service

      Our solution

      To ensure that the events had plenty of attendees, the m-hance team decided to search for a B2B lead generation provider who would be able to manage the event attendance. They saw that B2B lead generation providers Shortlist Marketing offered an attendee generation system. The two teams met and it was settled that Shortlist would manage the event attendance and follow up for m-hance’s events.

      The experienced Shortlist team were given m-hance’s existing database of leads. This database was cleansed and enhanced with additional contacts that were key decision makers in the markets that m-hance wanted to target. m-hance bought into Shortlist’s attendee generation system that has been developed specifically for maximising audiences for B2B events either in person or online. Shortlist implemented an integrated campaign of digital, email and telemarketing to create a pipeline of attendees and future opportunities.

      Any inbound enquiries about the event were followed up to ensure that no-one missed out. The pre-registrations were managed by the Shortlist team who re-confirmed attendance prior to the event and kept a log of those unable to attend the events. A pipeline of warm leads was built to be passed over to m-hance’s sales team so that they had a steady flow of qualified leads coming through to follow up.

      Staffordshire University

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