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The brief

Qube Global are a leading provider of enterprise property, real estate and facilities management software with over 40 years of experience. They’ve sold to companies such as Intu, Alton Towers and Barnardo’s and have over 1000 customers worldwide.


Qube had limited experience within the education sector but identified this as key growth potential for the business. Their existing data didn’t have the right organisations and wasn’t target to the right people. Consequently, their sales team spent a lot of time speaking to the wrong people and weren’t generating enough quality leads.


Services utilised in this campaign

  • Lead Generation
  • Telemarketing
  • Database Service

Our solution

In their search for a solution to their problem, they decided to look for an external company that could help with cleansing the data and do a short telemarketing campaign to boost the number of qualified leads for their sales team.
The Qube team did a wide search of the market and eventually whittled it down to five companies for further investigation. One of these companies was Shortlist Marketing, a leading provider of B2B lead generation. Marketing staff at Qube had already received various communications from Shortlist about their services, so they decided to look into these in more detail.
They were impressed to find a company that could deal with their two issues and after initial meetings and discussions decided to invest in the lead generation and data building service of Shortlist.

The team at Shortlist started by building a new database for Qube Global. This was filled with the exact people responsible for facilities and facility managers in schools and colleges across the UK. Shortlist used this data to generate content, email and telemarketing campaigns. All inbound and outbound activity on the education sector was managed by Shortlist. The experienced calling staff at Shortlist were able to manage all opportunities until they met the qualification criteria to book a face to face appointment with the Qube sales team.
The results were so good within education, the campaign was rolled out across multiple key target markets including retail, business parks and estates.

Following previous bad experience, we were sceptical going into this campaign that any company could meet all of our goals. However, we were incredibly pleased with the results as they did exactly what they said we were going to do. Not only did we see better engagement from the email campaigns, they understood our software and gave our sales teams some real, solid leads to help boost the pipeline, a number of which we were able to propose on and convert.

Joseph Barber

Marketing Manager

Qube Global

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