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The brief

Qurius are a Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions provider who sell into many industries, including engineering and architecture, manufacturing and business services. With bases in 15 countries and the ability to deploy and integrate software in around 75 countries, Qurius has become UK’s leading IT solutions provider.


They needed to generate more sales leads for Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and CRM. More importantly, they needed these leads to be qualified and eventually turn into quality sales appointments


Services utilised in this campaign

  • Lead Generation
  • Telemarketing
  • Inbound Marketing

Our solution

In the search for a lead generation provider that could generate a high number of quality leads, Qurius came across Shortlist Marketing. With over 20 years of selling to the ERP and IT industry, Shortlist impressed Qurius with their experience in having proper business conversations with senior decision makers and intelligent information gathering.

After Shortlist’s team demonstrated their ability to understand the technical side of the solutions, a contract was entered.

As a trial run, Shortlist started working with their manufacturing data to gain traction. Due to the wins from that trial, Shortlist went onto working with and penetrating the other market sectors that Qurius sold into.

Shortlist’s team worked extremely closely with Qurius’ in-house marketing team to create engaging content to work alongside the lead generation. By reviewing the intelligent information from the calls, any content marketing was adapted to take into account the genuine feedback from the prospect database, which then helped generate a plentiful supply of qualified leads.

Since Shortlist has been handling the lead generation, Qurius have had true visibility of their sales funnel for all stages, being able to track the processes and sales right from the lead stage.

Their biggest UK sale to date came from a lead handed over by Shortlist, demonstrating the quality of the leads and that investing in growing the sales pipeline in line with the sales cycle has a real ROI.

“Having worked with Shortlist for the last three years, they are an integral part of our sales team and the only long term partner that we’ve worked with whose leads consistently turn into customers."

Jim O’Connell

Sales Director


Martin Engineering targets quarries and manufacturing plants to grow sales.

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Martin Engineering targets quarries and manufacturing plants to grow sales.

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