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    Why the telephone is still your most valuable lead generation asset

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      Why use us for Managing Directors

      “The leads from marketing aren’t very well qualified” moans the sales team, “if only the sales staff spent more time chasing down the leads and less time playing golf they’d convert more” is the counter from marketing.

      Yes, tongue-in-cheek it may be but there are similar arguments being played out in companies across the world. At Shortlist Marketing our staff have worked in both sales and marketing management so know and understand the pressures that both teams are under.

      Benefit #1

      Easily calculate Return On Investment for every penny spent with us

      Benefit #2

      Clarity and visibility of the lead generation pipeline

      Benefit #3

      Campaigns designed and executed across both sales and marketing departments

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      All figures based on our target projections

      This experience has enabled us to put together a range of products and services that straddle both sales and marketing camps.

      As a director, with or without lead generation responsibility, it is vital that you get visibility of the sales pipeline as well as easily being able to calculate your ROI.

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