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Intent Conversion is crucial, you get hundreds, maybe thousands of visitors to your website each month, but on average 98% of them don't get in touch. Our Web Visitor Identification software is a powerful tool that allows us to identify which businesses are visiting in real-time, as well as what pages they've taken an interest in. But how do you ensure none of these visitors slips through the cracks?

We know that 84% of b2b buyers purchase from the first vendor they engage with. With our Intent Conversion service, we can ensure you are that first vendor. We'll identify the best-fit contact from that business to contact, and follow them up so no lead opportunity is missed. 

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“Shortlist’s methodology seemed like the best approach for us, but we were sceptical it could work with an outsourced company due to past experiences. However, Shortlist achieved everything we tasked them to do and have created a sustainable lead gen model that delivers for us. We’re looking forward to many more years of partnership!"

David Pearson

Managing Director

Premier Partnership

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Identify visitors in real-time


Be the first to contact web visitors in the research stage of their buyer journey


Convert more website traffic into leads

Intent Conversion

Let's help you make the most of your website visitors

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Simply put, our software is a code that attaches to your website. This may not sound like much, but what that code can do is a game-changer for how your company finds new business opportunities. It provides you with:

  • Company information, financial history and employee headcount
  • How they found you
  • What pages they looked at
  • The duration of the visit.

Our Intent Conversion services also uses HubSpot CRM, so you can manage those leads from interest to sale! And with a customizable dashboard, you’re able to run website analytics and discover what audience base you’re drawing in, what pages are popular and where you can apply website improvements to increase conversion.

Intent Conversion is an incredible investment for your business, but unless you can make the most of the information you gain from it, it may not provide the ROI you were hoping for. We find that many businesses don't have the time or resources to follow up their website visitors in the most effective way, leading to hundreds if not thousands of missed high-quality leads. Our expert follow-up service helps you ensure none of these visitors slip into that pre-lead black hole again.  


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Frequently asked questions

Questions that we have answers to

What are the benefits of Intent Conversion

Imagine being able to see if your ideal customer has found you during the research stage of their buyer journey. Our software is a powerful business IP tracking tool that tells you which businesses have been perusing your website, and digs into which pages they've been visiting, too. With this, you can see which pages are working for you, what kinds of businesses you're attracting, and specifically, which businesses are the hottest visitors to focus on turning into leads. 

New lead generation
Our identification software is the industry front-runner in lead generation and identifies companies that visit your website but don’t inquire – even though they show clear signs of being in the market for your product or service.

Prospect pipeline
The software also reveals companies you are actively prospecting to but haven’t yet booked an appointment with. The software identifies that they have come to your website – this is a clear sign that now is the time to pick up the phone and give them a call.

Lapsed customers
Looking to re-engage with past customers? Our service showcases lapsed customers who have viewed your website and are now looking at your product or service once again. This is the perfect opportunity to reengage and give them a call as it’s highly likely they are back in the market and ready to purchase!

Existing sales pipeline
These prospects are companies that are already in your sales process, but you haven’t quite signed the contract yet. You’ve had an appointment with them and you’re moving them through your sales pipeline. Using our service, you can see when they visit your website and the pages they view, so you know when to pick up the phone and get that deal closed!

Lapsed sales pipeline
If you have prospects that have previously booked appointments but have become uninterested, we will tells you when this exact company is back on your website and looking at your product! This is an obvious signal that they are back in the market. With Lead Forensics, you’ll know it is now the perfect time to pick up the phone again.

Existing customers
Your existing customers are still the perfect buyer. When our software reveals that a company that is already a customer is viewing your website, you know there is an opportunity to up/cross sell. Look at the specific pages they are viewing and see if there are any further opportunities with your existing customers.

Unconverted marketing inquiries
Still haven’t booked that marketing-generated inquiry to an appointment? Our software alerts your marketing department when they are back on your website, allowing them to get that appointment booked. Unlike marketing automation, we don’t use cookies, so your marketing department can track when a previous inquirer returns to your website even when they delete their browsing history.

How does your service help me convert more website visitors into leads?

Our service and software helps you to take website visits to the next level by ensuring you can identify each and every business that visits your website in real-time. With this information, Shortlist can identify the best-fit contact at that business to engage with and convert them into a high-quality lead based on which pages they spent time visiting. 

How do your services integrate into our software?

We integrate our lead generation services into our Web Visitor Identification technology ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to convert your visitors.  We agree on which visitors we will follow up with and through an integrated approach of email, telemarketing and social selling connect and communicate with your visitors to understand where they are in the buying cycle and progress them through the sales funnel until they reach a pre-agreed qualification.

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