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      Social media marketing takes time and dedication, and can quickly become a drain on your time and resources. However, it’s a hugely beneficial part of an integrated campaign, not only attracting customers but also helping to retain existing ones. That’s why Shortlist Marketing includes it in the initial planning stage of our inbound marketing services. 

      Social media pulls together all different marketing aspects – directing people to your website and landing pages, as well as using targeted ads. What’s more, while it’s a great lead generation tool to reach far and wide, it can also facilitate one-to-one conversations via direct messaging, which lead to increased sales opportunities and ROI.

      Two things are crucial: finding the appropriate platform and understanding the exact audience you want to target. So we sit down with you to establish these points and then formulate a focused plan that doesn’t just engage your audience but pushes them further down the sales pipeline.

      “Shortlist Marketing have worked with us on our data, marketing messages and understanding of our target market. They have also set up sales appointments with real prospects."

      Vivek Maladkar

      Business Unit Director


      Complement your inbound marketing with a strong social media plan

      Reach far and wide and have one-to-one conversations at the same time

      Nudge your prospects along the pipeline with regular and fresh social media content

      Social Media Marketing

      Keep your social media content fresh

      social media marketing

      New content is key in social media. So, as well as managing your social media marketing, we can provide content creation services to craft engaging material, from posts to blogs to white papers. All of this contributes to emphasising your brand’s messages by hitting your target market with the right message at the right time.

      social media marketing

      Frequently asked questions

      Questions that we have answers to

      What platforms are right for me?

      The answer to this is drawn from a combination of what your business offers, who your target market is, and what you would like to achieve through social media marketing. By carrying out full business analysis, we’ll be able to determine which platforms you should be visible on and how best to use them to achieve your goals.

      What will you post?

      Depending on what we have agreed with you during the campaign planning, we will either repurpose your existing content to create engaging social media posts, or create content to form the basis of the social posts.

      What will my campaign success look like?

      The success of your campaign will be determined by your individual objectives. The KPIs one business wants to meet will be different from another’s, and you may even have variations among your own campaigns.

      To ensure we can measure your campaign’s success effectively, we’ll work with you to define the success metrics as part of the planning stage. Often, these include tangible sales results, such as an increase in traffic to your website or an increase in inbound enquiries, though some businesses also want to measure softer metrics, such as likes, shares and followers.

      Regardless, we want the results of your campaign to be crystal clear, so we will analyse your business before it starts and at the end to show you the full effect it has had.

      Will you manage this or will we?

      This entirely depends on your preferences and what we agree to be the appropriate approach for that particular campaign. Some organisations prefer to maintain a hands-on approach to their social media; in these cases, we’ll work alongside you, providing advice and support throughout to help you ensure the campaign is a success.

      Other times, we provide full social media management to allow the business to focus their efforts elsewhere.