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Why the telephone is still your most valuable lead generation asset

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Posted by Hannah Cresswell

3 Things You Should be Asking your Lead Generation Company

1 – Quality of Data – Where they got it from & how did they get it?

The quality of the data is the single biggest factor in a campaign’s success or failure, it simply doesn’t mater how good the callers are or how brilliant wider integrated campaign is – if the you are not speaking to the right people in the right business and out something that is relevant and useful to them – your campaign will fail.

Name, Address, Phone number, Email.

This is the first step of every campaign and it’s a big part of what we do, if we can’t be sure the data is right we go at check it at source.

Yes, there is a cost associated with this process – but its significantly cheaper that running a campaign to a list that doesn’t have the right details on it.

2 – Who is making the calls & what training do they have?

This is another big one – and whilst (we hope) this is painfully obvious, the measure of a good phone campaign is not the amount of calls it’s the quality of the conversations.  You need the people on the phone to be able to have a conversation with the prospect – not talk at them.

Whilst I am sure there are some industries where the old fashioned volume first campaigns might still work, badgering people with a quick fire phone script delivered by a bored robotic sounding caller this is not lead gen.

We recruit people with real experience both of the job they are doing and in life, people who can open up and have an educated and respectful conversation with the prospect – often over several calls from introduction to the point where they send a properly qualified lead across to the sales team.

3 – What are they actually doing – lead quality & qualification?

What is the point of the campaign?  For most business they want leads but sadly over the last few years what makes a “lead” has become a real grey area as the quality of calling has reduced.

Do you want some one who has finally agreed to have a conversation, or do you want someone that has been through a process with multiple touches and got to a point where they are at the point where they are interested to buy?

Yes, this mean you will probably get less “leads” but it does mean the ones you do get are real leads! People who want what you have and haven’t just said yes to get off the phone.

All this means that you and your sales team are significantly more efficient and effective, as they are only spending time on leads that are the most likely to turn into cash.


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