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Why the telephone is still your most valuable lead generation asset

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Posted by Phil Richardson

I was on a train recently and got chatting to a guy who was sat near me about telemarketing. He was a telemarketing professional in the IT industry and the main part of their training was overcoming objections; he had an answer for any possible objection.

I said I didn’t think you should get objections.

He was amazed and said he got objections with every call – too expensive, not interested, too far away, no experience in their industry, got a supplier etc etc. These were all objections that he got on every call.

His job must be difficult and incredibly demoralising.

For me, the sales process is a very natural process that both parties can enjoy and get benefit from. It’s also incredibly simple.

Understand their requirements
Match your product/service to their requirements
Sell the benefits of using you & your product/service
Close the deal

If you complete this process, you’ll close deals all the time, well certainly more regularly. For me the vital point is to understand what the other party is looking for.

To use a simple car analogy, if the prospect is really looking for a lightweight, 2 door sports car for £10,000 you will never be able to sell a heavy Range Rover for £50,000.

It sounds basic, but so many people try and close prospects down without understanding what they are looking for and what their motivation is for change. Even some callers that do understand what the prospect is looking for they then don’t match what they have to the requirements in a way that the prospect understands.

So just from these 2 examples I can see why some people get so many objections and why most of their call is trying to overcome them.

Most of the call should be about understanding exactly what is required and why, then if you have a product/service that meets these the close should be a natural progression. If there are any objections raised at this point then they should be areas to negotiate on instead of deal breakers.

So next time you get an objection was it a real one or a reason to end the call?

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