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20th September 2023

93 Ways to improve your Lead Generation

93 Ways to improve your Lead Generation

Posted by Francis Moore

There is no singular path when it comes to maximising the performance of your lead generation. Every industry, organisation and team is different and your process will reflect that.

With that in mind, instead of just 5 or 10 ideas to improve your lead generation, we’ve gone one step further. Here are 93 ways you can improve your lead generation, creating more opportunities for your organisation.

If you read the entire list and still can’t think of a way to improve your lead generation, I will quite literally eat my hat.


93 ways to improve your lead generation process:

  1. Optimise your website for lead generation.
    Your website is your most important tool, use it. Find the right SEO tools to analyse your website and make sure all your conversion points are effectively capturing leads, this will make sure your website is in a position to capture a high number of leads. Keep updating your blogs and case studies so prospects can always find recent and relevant information on your site.
  2. Develop a compelling value proposition.
  3. Use high-converting landing pages.
  4. Implement A/B testing in your lead generation.
  5. Follow up all MQL’s effectively.
  6. Offer valuable content through lead magnets (e.g., eBooks, whitepapers, webinars).
  7. Create informative and engaging blog posts.
  8. Take an integrated approach
    Unfortunately, there isn’t just one channel that works on each prospect. When conducting your lead generation you need to leverage a mix of traditional and digital channels to increase your chance of having a conversation. At Shortlist, we implement our proven methodology of email, LinkedIn and the telephone into all of our outreach.
  9. Leverage social media platforms for lead generation.
  10. Utilise LinkedIn for targeted prospecting.
  11. Invest in SEO to increase organic traffic.
  12. Use Google Ads for targeted lead generation.
  13. Implement exit-intent pop-ups to capture leaving visitors.
  14. Collaborate with industry influencers for co-marketing initiatives.
  15. Develop interactive quizzes to engage prospects.
  16. Conduct win/loss analysis to understand customer journeys better. 

    Understanding why you win and why you lose deals is crucial for the success of any B2B organisation. If you’re effectively carrying out this analysis, you’ll have a better idea of what improvements you need to make – specific to your organisations needs. Learn more about our Win/Loss Analysis service here

  17. Experiment with where to put human interaction in the lead generation process.
  18. Employ chat for real-time customer engagement.
  19. Participate in relevant industry events and conferences.
  20. Implement a referral program for existing customers.
  21. Create an email newsletter to nurture leads.
  22. Segment your email lists for personalised communication.
  23. Employ retargeting ads to re-engage prospects.
  24. Segment your market and personalise your marketing for the segments.
    Make sure you have the right message and USPs to alleviate the pains of your different target personas. If you’re running large-scale lead generation campaigns, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all. You need to break your target audience down and make sure you’re sending them the right message and collateral.
  25. Invest in account-based marketing (ABM) strategies.
  26. Develop a thought leadership content strategy.
  27. Implement exit surveys to gather feedback and leads.
  28. Offer exclusive gated content to website visitors.
  29. Use interactive content like polls and surveys.
  30. Create infographics to showcase industry insights.
  31. Launch social media contests to attract leads.
  32. Use interactive calculators to show value and gather information
    Prospects love to know exactly what they’re going to get out of working with you. What better way to show them by an interactive calculator? Easily visualising their investment and the expected returns – it’s perfect. Try and fit a capturing CTA in there and you’re on to a winner!
  33. Optimise your website's speed and performance.
  34. Use Google My Business for local lead generation.
  35. Leverage user-generated content for social proof.
  36. Engage in email outreach to targeted prospects.
  37. Create a lead generation strategy with clear goals and KPIs.
  38. Host virtual networking events to connect with prospects.
  39. Offer free consultations or assessments.
  40. Employ video marketing to capture attention.
    Videos are such a powerful tool that allows you to send personal messages to prospects in an easy-to-digest format. They allow you to easily convey your personality and tone that you wouldn’t otherwise get in written communication. Use them to capture the attention of your high-value targets, or prospects you can’t get a hold of.
  41. Run Google Display Network ads for broader reach.
  42. Utilise Facebook and Instagram lead generation ads.
  43. Conduct market research to identify pain points and target audiences.
  44. Create shareable and viral content.
  45. Offer exclusive discounts or promotions to leads.
  46. Use SMS marketing to engage leads.
  47. Implement web push notifications for lead nurturing.
  48. Use lead scoring to prioritise high-value prospects.
    Where do your prospects fall in the sales pipeline after a conversation? How do you categorise them? Introducing defined stages of the sales cycle, allows you to see where prospects fall after each touchpoint, meaning you can follow up with the right message and the right content. After all, you don’t want to push a demo onto someone who’s only just begun their research.
  49. Collaborate with industry publications for guest posts.
  50. Invest in high-quality lead generation software.
  51. Use customer data to create personalised offers.
  52. Develop a podcast to share industry insights.
  53. Offer free tools or resources on your website.
  54. Run LinkedIn lead generation ads for seamless lead capture.
  55. Use dynamic content to personalise website experiences.
  56. Develop personalised landing pages based on your audience.
    Your landing pages should always be tailored to three distinct pillars; the content you’re promoting, the characteristics of your audience, and the stage of the buyer journey. If you can, personalise your landing pages specific to industries or departments to generate more conversions.
  57. Create case studies showcasing successful customer results.
  58. Collaborate with micro-influencers for targeted marketing.
  59. Use interactive maps to showcase customer locations.
  60. Leverage customer reviews and testimonials on your website.
  61. Host virtual summits with industry experts.
  62. Implement gamification elements to engage prospects.
  63. Use customer surveys to gather insights and leads.
  64. Offer a free onboarding or training session.
  65. Pick up the telephone and speak to prospects.
    It’s nearly 2024, and the telephone – we believe – still reigns supreme as the best channel to use. Too many people hide behind LinkedIn and email when the best way to actually generate results is by picking up the phone and having longer, more detailed conversations – check out our newsletter which explores this in more detail!
  66. Participate in online forums and engage with prospects.
  67. Use customer success stories in your marketing materials.
  68. Use gated content with progressive profiling to collect information.
  69. Create interactive product demos for lead capture.
  70. Optimise your website for mobile users.
  71. Use chatbots for 24/7 customer support and lead engagement.
  72. Use personalised video messages for outreach.
  73. Create personalised email sequences for lead nurturing.
  74. Develop partnerships with industry associations.
    There are many, many tools out there that you can you to your advantage, so find them and use them. They’ll help you unlock the potential of different channels, master your database and even make your outreach more efficient. We use our partners on a daily basis to deliver better results from our clients (some of our favourites being HubSpot, Lead Forensics and Dealfront. Find tools to improve your lead generation, and find an agency that will take it to the next level and your performance will improve.
  75. Offer personalised product recommendations on your website.
  76. Run PPC campaigns on relevant keywords.
  77. Develop a lead generation playbook for your sales team.
  78. Optimise your website's user experience (UX).
  79. Offer free educational webinars or masterclasses.
  80. Create a customer loyalty program for referrals.
  81. Use customer success stories in your marketing materials.
  82. Invest in LinkedIn Sales Navigator for advanced prospecting.
    LinkedIn Sales Navigator has quickly become one of the best sales channels in the market, you can use it to engage with your prospect audience, grow your database and plan your outreach. If you’re using LinkedIn for even a proportion of your outreach, it’s a no-brainer.
  83. Provide free downloadable templates or tools.
  84. Implement lead scoring to prioritise leads for follow-up.
  85. Leverage user-generated content for social proof.
  86. Create an interactive quiz or assessment tool.
  87. Offer a free trial or freemium version of your product.
  88. Implement AI-powered chatbots for lead engagement.
  89. Leverage micro-moments in your marketing efforts.
  90. Continuously analyse and optimise your lead generation strategies.
  91. Download our guide to Lead Generation
  92. Work with an award-winning Lead Generation agency i.e. Shortlist Marketing
  93. Chat with our experts here

    So there we have it, 93 ways that you can improve your lead generation and drive exciting results for your team!

    If you’re looking for some more support to generate opportunities for your team, then check out our award-winning Lead Generation services.

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