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2nd February 2024

The importance of introducing IP Tracking into your Lead Generation

The importance of introducing IP Tracking into your Lead Generation

Posted by Francis Moore

What is IP Tracking? 


Have you ever felt the frustration of having a website flooded with traffic but no effective way to engage? 

Well IP Tracking is a powerful tool that can help businesses overcome this frustration by identifying the location of the IPs visiting their website.  

The beauty of this tool lies in its ability to identify visits from company IPs, turning web traffic from an invisible ghost lead into a tangible and trackable opportunity.  

Unlike basic tools like Google Analytics, IP Tracking goes beyond mere traffic analysis, diving into not only the identity but the behaviour of your website visitors. From the pages visited to the amount of time spent on those pages, you can track the individual's whole journey on your website. 

At Shortlist Marketing, using IP Tracking has allowed our sales team to receive a robust influx of opportunities, just from our website visits.  


Why is IP Tracking Important for B2B Companies? 


Identifying potential leads is crucial for any B2B business. With IP Tracking, you can now identify the companies that visit your website, allowing you to turn those leads into profit. This newfound visibility enables your teams to identify potential customers, analyse their behaviour, and strategically engage with them.  

In addition, IP Tracking makes it easier for B2B sales teams to find new companies within their target market, simplifying the process of identifying potential customers. By understanding the behaviour of your website visitors, you can engage with leads who have shown clear interest but may have become lost in the online world. As a result, your team can focus on closing deals instead of generating new leads, which increases productivity and efficiency. 

Adding another layer of sophistication, IP Tracking, using Personalised URLs (PURLs), elevates your understanding of marketing ROI. Incorporating PURLs into various marketing collateral lets you track user journeys through different channels, providing a comprehensive and insightful overview of marketing performance. 

In essence, IP Tracking provides B2B companies with a versatile strategy to transform data into actionable insights and opportunities, paving the way for success in lead generation. 

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