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14th February 2023

What's the connection between Lead Generation and Dating?

What's the connection between Lead Generation and Dating?

Posted by Phil Richardson

It’s not just my stunning looks and fantastic personality that makes me good at dating, it’s also my knowledge of Lead Generation… allow me to explain.

Anyone who has ever done Lead Generation will understand how similar it is to the world of dating, in fact it’s almost parallel. You find your ideal prospect, engage with an interesting message, build up the relationship, and eventually meet in person and then you make them sign a contract so they don’t leave you – at least that’s what I have to do anyway.

If you were to post on LinkedIn asking if anyone wanted to buy your product or service, you’ll probably be met with silence – exactly the same response you’ll get if you walked into a bar and shouted “Who wants to date me?”. You’ll have to do a lot more work if you want anyone to say Yes to that.

Most people start their Lead Generation off on the internet, using LinkedIn, their CRM system or any other online app to help them find ideal prospects from within their target audience. I’m not sure about you, but that sounds awfully familiar to single-life, scrolling through social media or tinder to find someone you like the look of (for me it’s a feisty redhead) and dropping them a message – it’s worth noting a boring message will never be replied to, try something cheesy, you’ll both cringe and they still might not reply, but they will remember you!

Finding common interests is key to relationship building, driving a successful conversation that you both can attribute to without it becoming awkward. There is nothing worse than getting two cocktails into a date, before realising you have nothing in common with the person sitting opposite you.

You need to find someone you can strike up a conversation with, share interests with and relate to and you’ll finally end up having a second date. It’s the same for Lead Generation, make sure the person you’re communicating with suffers from the pains you’re talking about and can relate to the piece of content you’re about to send them – otherwise your message won’t get very far.

Now, here is where one big difference between Lead Generation and dating comes in. If someone ignores when you outreach in Lead Generation, keep on trying. If someone ignores you in the dating world, it’s best to leave them alone.

One big mistake I kept on making is that I always follow up my Lead Generation outreach with a success story, which has a great success rate – but I can’t say it works the same in my dating life. No singletons seem to care about the £300,000 worth of deals we generated for GOb2b… Link here

For me, my dating life wouldn’t be as successful if I wasn’t an expert in Lead Generation – in fact, I’m that good at it I always avoid relationships just to keep on dating.

If there was one thing I could share with everyone so they could have the same success with their Lead Generation, it’s that you need to be confident and precise with what you do.

Do your research, plan your approach and target just a few prospects at each time. And remember, YOU’RE the expert, you understand their situation, what they’re looking for and what they need. Once you can get that across confidently you’ll have no issue at generating leads and securing that date!

Now if you’d excuse me, I’m going to see if Jennifer Aniston is free this weekend.

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