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6th April 2023

Spring some life back into your Sales Pipeline

Spring some life back into your Sales Pipeline

Posted by Francis Moore

Winter has ended and the cold months are behind us, so it’s time to look forward towards sunny skies, bright nights and a whole lot of growth.

Flowers are cropping up everywhere, trees are green again and everything is growing. Now how about your sales pipeline?

Here’s some strategies you should use to spring some life back into your Sales Pipeline, and watch your organisation grow:

1 – Take a new approach

You have so many channels at your disposal, use them. Relying on just one approach could massively limit your success. Make sure you’re using a mix of; targeted calling, email, LinkedIn, networking events – what ever it may be, to increase your outreach. Making this change could finally see you breakthrough to a cold contact and will likely see a far greater response rate.

2 – Target a niche audience

Target small audiences with tailored messaging to give your outreach the best chance of resonating. Targeting niche audiences gives you the resources to understand your targets, who they are, what their pains are and plan your messaging accordingly – meaning you can be far less broad in your outreach. By doing this you’re not only more likely to increase engagement, but you’re far more likely to unearth the pains your contacts have, putting yourself in a position to have a sales conversation.

3 – Refresh your data

On average, 30% of contact and company data degrades 12-months after it originates. By this, we mean people move on, change roles or responsibilities, merge companies etc. This will have a devastating impact on your outreach, meaning prospects you might be targeting may not even exist. Take the time to spring clean your database and hit the reset button to better orchestrate e your outreach.

4 – Analyse your won deals

Go back through your past 10, 15, 20 won deals and find out why you won them. Every deal is different, but when analysing on a mass scale you’ll notice trends across personas and industries. Once you’ve identified these trends, you can plan your selling points to similar opportunities, selling your organisation and it’s offerings not the solution like earlier in the buyer journey.

5 – Liase with the other departments

When sales and marketing teams come together in collaboration, the results tend to be far more fruitful. You’ll be able to align on who you’re targeting and when meaning you can strategically plan your outreach instead of interacting with cold data.

6 – Work with Shortlist Marketing

We’re B2B growth experts, and 95% of the opportunities our award-winning Lead Generation create all stay within the sales pipeline. Get growing this Spring.

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