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Why the telephone is still your most valuable lead generation asset

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An integrated offering from Shortlist

Our business offering is based around six core aspects

All of our services are designed to be flexible. You may use them as stand-alone services or create a unique combination to achieve your specific business goals. Scroll down to learn more about each individual service.

Lead Generation


Database Service

Sales Loss Analysis

Inbound Marketing follow-up

UK Representation

Lead Generation

Generating high quality sales leads that convert

Specialising in B2B lead generation across software and technology industries

Providing qualified leads at the right stage to enable conversion

Staff aged over 40 with many years’ experience

Increasing quality leads is the top priority for 68% of B2B professionals (B2B Technology Marketing Community). We take the time to understand your company, products & services, market and competitors to generate both the quality and quantity of leads you need to meet your growth targets.

True lead generation isn’t just about the quick win, it requires skill and experience to manage your prospects, communicating to them in the right way and at the right stage of the pipeline until they are a real sales opportunity for your sales team.
In many ways B2B lead generation has changed incredibly over the last decade with the rise of digital and social media, the analytics available, the amount of marketing noise your prospects are bombarded by etc. But the fundamentals are exactly the same, understanding your target market and communicating with them effectively. That’s where our team comes in.


Putting skilled calling at the heart of your sales success

Easily integrated with digital marketing for improved ROI

Experienced callers making good quality calls

Working in partnership with you at every stage

Effective B2B telemarketing isn’t just about closing every conversation today, but building up a solid pipeline through practical questioning and intelligent sales conversations. This approach not only uncovers immediate opportunities, but will ensure you have a healthy pipeline with a steady stream of high quality sales opportunities.

You’re trusting us to represent your brand, so it’s not only imperative that we put great experienced callers on your campaign, but it’s vital that we both invest the time and effort in training our staff on your products/services, company and markets.

Database Service

Ensuring you only communicate to the right buyers and influencers

Receive a free of charge data analysis

Unique 12 month data guarantee

A database that meets your exact criteria that you can be confident in

As the name suggests direct marketing is marketing directly to the people who are going to buy your products and services. With the right database you won’t waste time, money and effort communicating to the wrong people.

At Shortlist we understand data, and crucially, how it impacts the success of your campaigns. We have put together a range of services to cleanse your existing data or build new contacts and companies. We work with you to fully understand your data requirements before recommending a course of action.
We also offer our unique 12 months data guarantee on any cleanse or build service.

Sales Loss Analysis

Analyse why you won or lost your last sales

Receive comprehensive sales loss analysis

Get insight into staff performance and training needs

Benchmark yourselves against your competition

Find out the truth as to why sales were lost. As a third party, we are distant enough to gain honest feedback, learning why a sale was unsuccessful and why a competitor had more success. Companies that do loss analysis outperform those that don’t in most metrics per Aberdeen Group — customer retention rate (60% vs. 48%), sales staff hitting target (51% vs. 47%), and lead conversion rate (23% vs. 17%), are just a few areas.

Our Sales Loss Analysis gives you and your sales team understanding on; how to improve the effectiveness of the sales team, what areas the sales person could have improved upon, were there any unmet client requirements, how did you compare to your competition and Feedback on your lead generation process

Inbound Marketing follow-up

Never miss a sales enquiry again

All inbound enquiries followed up in 15 minutes

Create a great first impression for every enquiry

Well trained sales staff ensure you never miss an opportunity

From our research 35% of all inbound enquiries, telephone, email and web, never get followed up, Forbes found that 71% of all internet leads were wasted and sales people take 46 hours and 53 minutes to pick up the phone and respond to a lead.

There are lots of reasons why this might be the case, but very few are legitimate. Let us take the hassle away by following up all inbound leads, whether they be web, email or telephone. We guarantee to respond within 15 minutes, during office hours, and report to you daily the outcome and where the prospect is in your sales funnel.

UK Representation

Perfect for the Sales industry and Marketing industry

Test the UK waters with our marketing trial

Gain industry feedback to advance your marketing campaigns

Like iCIMS, we can help you settle into the UK market

Company based abroad? Want to test the UK waters? Use Shortlist Marketing’s trial to source leads and promote your brand, testing the UK market before making the leap in expanding your office base. We can also provide competitor analysis to fully understand your target market and gain quality feedback to tailor your marketing campaigns.

We’ve retained Applicant Tracking Software company, iCIMS, for six years and helped them launch their services into the UK, enabling them to become one of the leading providers of in the country. Visit their Success Story to learn more.

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